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Spirit of the Forest - turned into an Ent

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17 hours ago, malefactus said:

LOVE the nose!


1 hour ago, Glitterwolf said:


Me too, it gives him a lot of character!


I like how it turned out, too. Usually Ents get human noses, but the branch makes more sense to me. 


In any case I think the Ent is ready to be painted. Staff, critters etc. and the character on his palm will be added at a later stage. 





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Upped the contrast significantly, using a nice violet green shadow colour and placed some highlights to guide the eye. I also painted the mushrooms. Chicken of the Woods and some oyster mushrooms. 


Next I need to glaze the highlights in some and the main body is finished. I may revisit it in the end, when foliage is added. 




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