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repurposed cardboard tube: lighthouse & towers

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Why didn't I think of that before?

Got the level out and then filed down the top of the tube and it sits pretty level now. Not perfect, but also I don't feel like doing anymore.

I also did one of the most fiddly things ever in stringing my own rope railing.

Bardolf the Barbarian fits on the platform between the rope and light.20201111_215708.thumb.jpg.f41fb86480bf394d5a444c9dae65dd75.jpg

I'll modgepodge that tomorrow.

Weight on base and plug for top.20201111_215028.thumb.jpg.f47143328de6512ed0843525cb41ccd6.jpg May trim it down still.

So much more to be done.20201111_215744.thumb.jpg.948c66107cc721bdafdbb647d9bb9ded.jpg

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*Top of the platform painted red

*Plug glued to bottom and primed/sealed yellow

*Plug for top of platform/light primed/sealed yellow

*Touchups to various sealed bits

*Undercoated ladder yellow

*front step/threshold primed/sealed grey

Temporary assembly for photo. You get a MUCH better idea of how it will look now.


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Not much visible change. Plugs on both sides of platform, and ladder red. Need to do some card cutting for door trim do some neat edges, clean up the ladder, window, and door areas. Then flocking.

At some point I'll need to cover the pencil on the platform, but for now? The old lighthouse keeper was a cultist. Fun:20201114_081242.thumb.jpg.adb8345dc4807fbee819b494d976f583.jpg20201114_081805.thumb.jpg.46bae3d5f5a31a5d40e463da20738af9.jpg

The unlikely pair of heroes leaned over the railings to survey the carnage they had wrought.


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Not much to see.

Sticky stuff on base. Tomorrow I can flock with pine litter and... flock! 20201114_201847.jpg.8900981406afd6c2032af9b8c923becc.jpg

A few touch up20201114_201918.thumb.jpg.62440cf10210319379092da1de0c168e.jpgs and sealing the main building.

Base and tower are modular for storage.



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