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I need some help if you live in or near Fort Worth, Texas.

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6 hours ago, Gadgetman! said:

I get the distance to be nearly 1700miles, or 25Hours driving. 

A best case in driving is  2 days, with one overnight at a hotel or motel. 

And you want to be 2 at least for that trip, because 12hours driving alone each day is an accident waiting to happen. 

(long stretches of interstate. Monotonus driving is even more effective than counting sheep... )


Add the 3 or 4 tanks of gas....   

(I get around 40mpg on my car. What does his car get?)  


It's quite probably cheaper to ship it and buy a plane ticket. 

Safer, too. 


I've driven those distance while moving. It's much easier when you can make a complete road trip out of it with plenty of sightseeing.


But with a pet cat. That would be a new form of Hell for it.

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@Chaoswolf If you need you can ship it to Reaper and we can hold it for you? :) were only like 35 mins from fort worth. I'll put it in my office and wait for you to get here. 

You just want to rifle through his paint collection...

I've got a pretty big favor to ask of someone. As I have mentioned previously, I will be relocating to Fort Worth with my company. I will be moving this coming January. As we all know, paint and

Different styles i guess.  I have moved 6 times in my career, most of them multi day journeys (Tennessee to Arizona being the longest)  and i always drive it (either with a dog or birds in tow.  Usually it takes  a while to find a place so I go and get a furnished apartment

and start looking for a house.  I wouldn't ever consider not driving because it gives me time to separate where I was and where I'm going.  


That's just me I guess but I wouldn't trade the opportunity I got to see the country and just enjoy the time in limbo.

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