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Maledrakh's 77354 Danel Mounted Crusader and Squire 44091 Anhurian Cavalry


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Yeah, the Anhurian Cavalry mini has an odd right arm positioning. I'd gotten 2 of them from a local store and they'd had some minor other issues with the hands (I'd thought that they had the more mailed mitts than gloves)...and had swapped the hand with a fireforge spear arm chopped down to just the hand and used one of the spear hands from another to make a standard bearer using one of the flags from the metal fantasy banner set. I've since bought two more as part of an order this month with the intent to have another as a musician and to have a more command one (Which actually came an even more different part since the arm was missing the weapon and most of the arm past the elbow and have a replacement coming). The newer ones you can see the glove details...which are even more obvious on a metal version that a friend showed me a few days ago.

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