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Grenadier Dragon

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Dragon Lords II : Tempest Dragon.  (probably) 


Back in the late 80s Grenadier released a dragon a month,  I bought 2 and lusted after many others.  

The one I still own has been missing a leg for decades. 

One of the Goodwill boxes had a cool metal dragon, but it went into my "random stuff box"  It is the only unpainted dragon I own that it is not in plastic. 

It wasn't till I searched for it on the internet that I realized it was from my fav old series. 

So thanks to whoever included this bad boy in the box. 



He appears to be standing over some water,  and quite tippy. so he needs a nice scenic base.    Due to his high lead content and fragility,  he wont be available for my spawn to play with. 

- superglue failed to hold the wings while i was painting them, so I picked up some JB quick epoxy.  its probably stronger than the metal of the figure. 

Ill run  some long pins up through the metal lid, then use more epoxy on the cork. 


The first wing painted up quickly so I thought I don't need a WIP, ill just post a showoff when i'm done.  but I don't want it done that fast, I want it done right. 

It has probably gotten an hour a day of work this week . 


front Bare.jpg

one wing.jpg

base bare.jpg






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seeal, test, dry, seal test dry - I think this only took 4 cycles,  the fish diorama went at least 5. 


tomorrow I start the surface of the river - 

gel medium, for the waves and turbulence, maybe some toilet paper ripples, 




before testing.jpg

base trial.jpg


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I forgot to put mold release  (vasaline)    on the form. 

the plastic cup should break off one way or another, but I am anticipating a lot of sanding to remove the rough patches.


any suggestions for the next step? 



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