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Maledrakh's Wraith Wolves


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On 10/16/2020 at 2:52 AM, Darcstaar said:

Glad this has unlocked new options for you.  Some great work.  The Alpha has a little shiny spots/flecks that appear bright/white, or is it an actual white residue?


ah, those are reflections because the black contrast paint used is very shiny where I have not painted over it with the matter green. I probably should have given the whole thing a coat of matte varnish before taking the photos, but did not think of it since the shinyness is not really all that apparent IRL when not lit up for taking pictures.

When I look at the model now IRL I actually like the shiny-in-places effect, it makes it look oily and dangerous, like Armus the Skin of Evil.

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