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Skeletal Champion (#77285)


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Nicely done! Very similar paint scheme to the one I painted up recently. Though I modded mine into a Skull Lord with three heads.


Your photos aren't awful either. If you share a picture of the space you're working with and the lighting, I'd be able to give you some advice. But giving it a clean backdrop is a good start. A sheet of white paper can be used to create an easy seamless backdrop, and the white of the paper can help bounce some light back up on to the mini. 

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So my current photo set up looks like this:



Its my usual painting space, but with a big sheet of poster paper laid down and curling up in the back (like a photographer's backdrop).


The other ingredient here are my lights. I use them for painting and photographing. They are daylight bulbs so approx 6000K. This gives the most natural lighting and makes your colors turn out closest to reality. They are also 1500 lumens each. More lumens = more light.  The bulbs have a bit of a diffusion to them anyways, but they're still a bit harsh. Raw light like that can cause some ugly shadows.


I usually photograph with a DSLR camera and edit them afterwards, but your phone might be able to take the pics and edit them. I recommend playing with your brightness, contrast, highlights, shadows, blacks, and whites.


It's not mandatory, but you can get the hang of what looks good pretty quickly. You might also have an auto-correct feature on your phone. 


Anyways, with all that said and done you get something like this:



Hope this helps!

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