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The first of the Faerie Folk conversions is coming along nicely. He has an old G.W. plastic Night Goblin torso/tunic with G.W's plastic Zombie arms & legs. The rest of the Guy are my sculpts...I b

Thanks, Glitter. That is the impression I got of him as well.   AND LATER THE SAME DAY, I have another one well underway. The first Fellow got some hair & Faerie wings, while another hea

The St. Valentine's/Cupid Gang  is starting to approach completion, AND I have a Gnomish looking Fellow in the works:   Some individual shots:     More later...or

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YET ANOTHER Faerie Fellow is approaching the ready to base state. This one is sporting a hooded mantle a la the Night Goblins.
Seen here wit the Gnomish Guy & a new in the works Mushroom hiding behind the Gnome:




Here's another head that will be waiting on the Fairy Wings I order to day from Reaper:



Until whenever.

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Over the weekend I added some supporting cast Mushrooms & did a little work on the latest Faerie Fellow:



The Faerie Fellow still has some green stuff work to be done AND his wings should arrive sometimes today:



Until then...

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3 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

I always like to see how the bases turn out with all the little details


The thing I like about detailed bases is that it places the miniature(s) in a unique place & time. In my case, it is a strange place at a creepy time.

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Just now, TaleSpinner said:

Oooh, I really like this one.


Thanks, TaleSpinner. As an admirer of your work, I am delighted you like it.


The basing for the Faerie Folk has begun. I have the Gnome based:




AND base coated:




The Dark Sword Goblins give you some idea how big these Guys are; they also are a teaser of things to come.

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