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Who all is doing NaNoWriMo this year? I would love some accountability buddies. I only have a couple irl friends that I know that are doing it but I'd love more people to do it with.

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I'm really thinking about it. Had a couple days where I was writing a lot and was gettin' all geared up to do it, but I've been a slug the last couple days now, as per usual, and the thought of having to make myself pretend to be disciplined on a day like this sounds just miserable lol.

But think I'm gonna. Doing short-stories instead of a novel--gonna skip back through all the old notebooks and make a list of the languishing ideas and half-started things I really want to work on. And break out the prompt/exercise books. And see what happens.

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I did it in '16--again tho, stories, which isn't quite the same--and wrote, like, 75k words in a month lol. It was nuts.


I went through and gathered all my loose ends and was actually ready to back all the way out. Felt like I didn't have much of anything. But then today I did some prompts and turned out a couple starters that are totally usable, and then I checked off the collected ideas that still really interest me, and there's a good thirty of them. So. Not as hopeless as I thought, anyway.


Gonna keep working on prompts through the end of the month. Put myself in good position to really do it. Murder the excuses!

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    • By Corporea
      I meant to post this earlier, but even though we're halfway through the month feel free to jump on the bandwagon!  Write away!  
      I'm Corporea over on Nano as well.  I welcome new friends!
      Here's to another year of noveling!!!
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      Hey folks!
      Just wondering if anyone knows of any decals that can be used to put writing in open books at our 28mm scale....
      Doesn't have to be designed specifically for it, it just needs to look like it!
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      The big dogs at Shadowrun like my story! They told me to let them know when I'm done with my rough draft, and they'll give me the email to their editor! 
      I'm smiling so hard my cheeks hurt! AHHHH!!! OMGOMGOMG!!! I can't believe this!
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      So, I have been working on a Shadowrun story that begins in the year 2090 (so after all of the 5th ed stuff). The plot focuses on a 17 year old elf named Maisie, who finds out her father is a dragon (after digging through both Shadowrun and Earthdawn lore, I found that this is a thing that can happen, but only between a male dragon and a female elf, but doesn't happen very often at all. Like, once every several thousand years kind of rare). Her existence sparks an all-out war between Lofwyr and Alamais (who is crazed after faking his death for a second time using blood magic. His "death" occurs in 2074 according to Shadowrun lore, and he spends thee years between then and 2090 infiltrating S-K to rip the rug out from under his brother and finds out about Maisie's existence after taking revenge on the shadowrunner who "killed" him).
      Most of the big players get involved. Hestaby, Harlequin, Aden, Ehran the Scribe, Celedyr, Sean Laverty, Kaltenstein, Jane Foster, Rhonabwy, Aithne Oakforest (only makes a breif appearance at the end), Schwartzkopf, Nadja Daviar, and even Feuerschwinge. 
      The story ends with Alamais being imprisoned for life, Lofwyr getting the S-K Arcology back under his control and regaining possession of the Jewel of Memory, and Maisie being gifted a private estate in Tir Tairngire and a seat on the Council of Princes. 
      There's a lot more too it, but I don't want to spoil the whole thing before it's finished. Any tips, suggestions, or advice?
    • By Corporea
      Hey all.  Usually LastKnight kicks this off, but I need writing buddies to keep me on track this year and force me to use all my free time to write!  So,for all those interested in participating, head on over to the NanNo website and sign up or create a new novel.  Feel free to friend me!  I'm Corporea over there as well.
      We can use this thread to complain about our absent muse, life interfering with writing or any other assorted chitchat.  Let's make all our words awesome together!
      I solemnly swear to avoid editing for one month!!!

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