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Midlam - Junior Townsfolk & Villagers

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Midlam Miniatures has a cute new Kickstarter with kid and teen miniatures:




Project image for Junior Townsfolk & Villagers


Of course I backed, I have backed almost all  of Midlam's Kickstarters, I am definitely a fan of their style.

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I've only pledged for the apprentices set in their recent KS, and haven't received it yet. But they do have a good track record and children are rare and these are cute... I backed


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    • By SirLancelittle
      These cute critters were extremely easy to paint. Mostly just a base coat and a quick drybrush.
    • By Citrine
      This is the miniatures from the Ghost of Midlam Manor Kickstarter.  I decided I wanted to speed paint something and these ghosts fit the bill, so that is how this became the first Kickstarter completely painted at my house.
      The whole gang:

      The dark ghosties.  The rusty parts was painted with an ancient paint, Adikolor Rust, from at least 25 years ago.  I am kinda amazed its still viable.

      The sheet ghost.  I think this one is hilariously funny.

      The gents.

      The Ladies.

    • By korimar
      Kickstarter Garden Gnomes from Midlam Miniatures


    • By Lidless Eye
      Who doesn't love Halflings in Mittens?

      Wait, that's not the name of the set?  Why not?

      Alright, it turns out they're actually "The Winter Adventurers" from a recent Midlam Miniatures Kickstarter.  As always, Midlam delivers nice old-school designs with newer sculpting methods and details.  I think quite highly of the company.

      The Halflings in Mittens:


      Wizards and their apprentices:



      The Dwarfette:

      A human scout.  I tried to go with an Inuit look for her.

      Every party has that guy:

    • By Lidless Eye
      For the most recent works in progress, a gigantic distraction from my poor Death Guard project.  In the last week, multiple delayed Kickstarters (and one on-time Nickstarter) arrived...as well as the ReaperCon Swag Bag!

      Arrivals included:
      Stonehaven Miniatures Giants Stonehaven Adventurers 2017 Midlam Miniatures "Winter Adventurers" Reapercon Swag Bag Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago Nickstarter  
      While I am trying to complete the Death Guard, I did ready these groups for prime time:

      The Giants are nicely sized.  While there are some issues with the scaling between Giant "tribes" in comparison to 5E entries, they do tower over adventurers.  The Wolf Lord, who I expected to be an Ogre-sized werewolf, is massive!

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