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Tanner Yarro's "Immersive Battle Atlas" : Pre-KS Discount

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Click on the Notify Me in the KS preview page for a KS discount.


The $185 / $205 six-set (two of each of the 3 map sets, with and without vinyl stickers) is the best price. Dungeon set, Frozen Waste set, and miscellaneous. I guess the ideal backer would be someone who has no 2D maps or 3D game tiles, plays RPG and Frostgrave, and has $200 to burn on maps. :upside:  Each dry-erase map set is 20 17"x22" maps, double-sided and removable. Removable means portable. Yes you're gonna need a bigger table.


I already have his original Book of Battle Mats, as well as Loke Battle Mat books and 3D dungeon tiles, so I'll pass on this one. I liked the maps and stickers, although a few thought the art was cartoony or something. 










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You and I have similar consumptive habits it would seem. I also own his book and the Loke ones. And I also agree that some of his maps in the book are a bit cartoony but my players haven’t minded ever. I did click the notify me when he messaged me the link the other day; I’m on the fence on this one having not backed his roller map thing he did. I’m def tempted because I like variety. 

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Yah I'm the same. I backed his first KS on a whim while sitting at a table at my first LVO a couple years ago & I really like the book. I've never used it in game, thou having a home game now I might (book is big & not as portable as I'd like). I may go in for the frozen one but we shall see.



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I have two copies of his first book and the second's not even out of the wrapping! We just play Gloomhaven all the time.


Some comments mention availability of previous product (namely, the Immersive Battle Maps) at retail. I could swear I saw the books at a price similar to the KS, but can't find a similar price anymore.


The Planescape book I might pick up at retail for a good price, since it has unusual maps I would infrequently use... :upside:

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