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Hobbying the back-friendly way


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9 hours ago, Jasper_the_2nd said:

My physio would have said "Wear a helmet"  but that would be more a statement about my "amazing" sense of balance.....


Just sitting on one is very easy; kneeling on a yoga ball is hard. :poke:

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Soooo, I'm through medical rehab at this point (idk how to translate it, you're basically in a facility all day for 4 weeks in which you're doing lots of sports, physical therapy, get massages and the likes) and I'm feeling a lot better. Still have to continue doing sports at home since fitness studios and the likes aren't open, but it definetly helped.

Besides the good (and kinda known) ideas to do some stretches at your desk and strength training for the upper back/shoulders on the regular, setting up the heights of my work station helped a lot. Since I'm petite (and even 4 cm shorter after the accident) an ergonomic footrest has really helped me to curl up less, since I'm not fishing with my feet for the ground. The work-place-ergonomic-person liked the idea of having a higher armrest for miniature paiting so the hands get stabilized. 

On 10/21/2020 at 6:27 PM, Cyradis said:

Kinda odd idea - but what do the physiotherapists say about yoga balls to sit on? Sitting on those encourages good posture, and gently uses core muscles. Perhaps not soon after injury, but later? I know some folks use them for office work.


Physical therapist in that place said that we shouldn't use a yoga ball (or similar pillows) as a chair replacement, but only sit on them for 20-30 minutes and it'd be a common misconception to just sit on them for hours. They're training equipment and especially if you're not used to it, your core/smaller back muscles will just get overworked and crampy. I'll definetly get a yoga ball anyway though, since they're a great tool for exercises to strengthen those smaller backmuscles that help with balance. 

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