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Maledrakh's Canopic Sorcerer

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Another 3D print today, this time from Lost Kingdom Miniatures current (October 2020) Patreon release. The Canopic Sorcerer


More info, pictures and awful puns below.

Since they started, Lost Kingdom miniatures have been releasing .stl-files for three factions; The Cuetzpal Saurian Ancients, The Magmhorin Infernal Dwarves and The Undying Dynasties.

The Cuetzpal are lizardmen with a prehispanic south american look to them, the Infernal Dwarves have a distinctly snaggeltoothed chaos-starred Sumerian look to them with both big hats and curly beards, and the skeletal Undying Dynasties have an ancient Egyptian undead look to them.

What a surprise! Lizardmen, Chaos Dwarfs, and Tomb Kings; all discontinued WFB armies made in the same vein and similar stylings as GW did back in the day. Not terribly original at all, is it?

They do have one great redeeming factor though. Those .stls are quite simply ace.


This is a resin print I made on my Elegoo Mars Pro. It is printed in 3 parts, the Hand of Sand, the mummy's body and the staff hand. I put it all on a 40mm base I had lying around.

It looked less sloppily painted before I saw it magnified in the pictures. Argh.


"Meet the Hand of Dune!" a hollow rasping voice resounded.

"The Hand of Doom? Didn't I chop his head off that time....?"

"No, foolish, well-grown mortal! The Hand of DUNE!




"Close your eyes, Mary! Don't look at it!"

"It's beautiful! Aaaaugh!"


This mini was finished October 20th 2020

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Awesome to see it printed and painted.


I have those files as well and a whole physical lizard army from them.

I love their designs.

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