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44100 Hell Hounds (3)


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Who let the dogs out (of hell)?

Hi everyone.  Back again with some infernal pooches.




These are the Hell hounds from the Bones 4 Fan Favorites Expansion.  They were fun and challenging.  All those glowing lava details were a pain.  I think I managed to get them to turn out alright though.  Also had fun with the lava bases.


More Photos of the Hell Hounds beneath the spoiler:






I debated whether or not the make the sitting hound look like hardened stone, without the glow.  I've seen it done before and it's a neat look, but I don't tend to put minis on the table that are incognito.  If there's "dog-like statues" I'll describe them, and the minis come out once the jig is up.






This one definitely had the most dynamic pose.  I might like him best.




And the final pup just going for a stroll.


In all, I like these guys.  Their bases were a lot of fun and really pop from a lot of my other minis.  I'll be posting more of my infernal collection soon, but figured these were a great place to start.


Which Hound turned out best?

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      With him being so big, my plan was to start the skin tone at Ratskin Flesh and gradually work my highlights up to a straight orange. I mathed out all my mixtures using every bit of information I learned about fractions and ratios in the 7th grade (in order to get the smoothest possible transitions without doing something like wet blending). In the end, though, I only got do get through about 5 of my 9 planned layers before I just ran out of space to put paint. If I had it to do over again, I'd have sacrificed some of the gradualness of the layering in favor of a lighter results on the highlights. Oh well. 
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