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Deorgard Busts/Figures by Cult of Paint

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Thought some of you might find this of interest:




At Cult of Paint we've taught painting classes to hundreds of people all over the world. We make painting tutorials for YouTube and Patreon. We have signature series airbrushes with renowned manufacturer Harder & Steenbeck AND we produce a 54mm sci-fi miniatures range and bust collection that has won multiple international painting awards. Now it's time for something really cool............ OUR FIRST FANTASY MINIATURES RANGE!!!!! 

Ever since we created our sci-fi miniatures range we've had the bug for creating awesome models for people to enjoy painting. We LOVE fantasy settings and wanted to create our own world to explore the characters so often associated with fantasy and folklore, but with our own interpretations. And so Deorgard was born, with the elves being the first race we wanted to bring to life as gorgeous miniatures and busts......

Releasing the range in one go ensures we create tonnes of excitement while also enabling painters to get their favourite models from day one with no long gaps between characters coming out. And it means we can crack on with working on more miniatures for you to add to your collections!

4f46fb6e01fa410010ab2b6882180bf4_origina As we begin to explore this wild land we wanted to introduce some elves from different regions of Deorgard.
project video thumbnail


In Heargeard we meet a woodsman. A guardian of the forests and the dark places where some of the most ancient parts of the land still endure.

bd9fedd35911ab0f411dae727c021d5c_origina Painted by David Colwell ( yes that base is insane )

As the trees give way to the grasslands a hunter needs not only patience but the frightening speed and savagery to survive. Dræfend is one such elf who excels here. She has learned to hunt as part of a pack, accompanied by one of the great wolves that make their homes in the foothills nearby.

The land rises sharply and great peaks soar towards the sky. Here we find another symbiosis of elf and beast. Whilst Sceotend may be blind she does not lack sight, her hawk's third eye providing unrivalled clarity and vision.

An equally harsh environment can be found in the vast desert that covers much of the centre of Deorgard. In this ever-changing and ruthless sea of sand, those such as Læl's word is law. She is judge and executioner, swift and merciless at dealing out punishment to any transgressors. 

As primal and challenging as the landscape of Deorgard is there are still places where societies have settled and thrived. Guardians such as Indryhten stand sentinel over sacred places and those elected by their peers to rule these bastions of advancement.

3ea48f8dab05bf10861ea5ceda840d2a_origina Painted by Andy Wardle
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1 hour ago, Gadgetman! said:

Yeah. Beautiful, but way too pricy for that scale. 


If they knocked it down ~30% I'd perhaps go for one 54mm or the antler-man bust, but not like this. Quite a shame, because antler-man fits what I think has been lacking in male figures lately - handsome fantasy blokes who aren't thick barbarians. He's an elegant male. Usually we see more elegant females (which I like), and I want equality - fancy fellows are great!

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