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Remy, the somewhat painted remorhaz, and his torturous misadventures towards his technicolored dream


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Remy is repaired!



It was a sunny beach to do. My smallest drill bit was just barely smaller than the leg. Drilling did not go as well as expected, and both of the leg pieces got channels rather than neatly drilled holes. A bit of small paperclip was too thick, so the only thing that would fit was a literal pin.


Bent the pin quite a few times until the angle was correct, then placed it in the channels in the legs, used some mini pliers to cinch the pin in place, and applied epoxy.


Still have to shape and texture the area so it does not look so wonky.


This is not a repair I want to repeat any time soon.

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Remy had 2 more knee surgeries, and hopefully this will be the end of Remy's repairs/precautionary reinforcements.



Remy has been going through multiple washes, drybrushings, and readjustment of colours. Even though there is quite a bit of paint on Remy, it is nothing to the amount of paint left behind on the pallet.


It seems like the current process is tweek, tweek, and between. It does not feel like there is great progress, but flipping through the past photographs reveals the continuous small improvements.


The face still needs a lot of work.

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