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postponing BL events


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hello...I am a recent signup for the BL program and was supposed to be running my first official Demo for my area this week, but am going to have to postpone due to the rulebook issue.


What I'm wondering is if there's going to be any problems with my BL status because of not filing the report due to the even not being run (this was to be my first of the 3 required events)??


And is there anything I need to fill out and send in saying it was postponed for the above reason?


Thank a ton, looking forward to that official book.

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You should be able to run your demo using hte Beta rules - I can get you those if you don;t have them.

Your status will not change due to not ocmpleting the demo, but if you do not file a demo report with us in 90 days, it will. You do not need to contact us about this, merely schedule and run a demo at your next possible convenience. The Official Book is on its way.

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Thank you both for your help.


I was one of the lucky ones that purchased the book at Origins, but I wasn't sure if I should go on or wait on the changes of the official book.


I shall proceed asap. I've got far to many people who are anxious to get their paws on this game to wait for long anyway.




Thanks again

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If you want easy datacards for your models, check the Black Lightning resources page. The file for the Starter Armies includes data cards for the models. That would allow you to play units with 750 points.


It would also ease the headache of choosing which models to play and setting them up with spells, equipment, ect. With the resource file, all you need are the appropriate models, and you are good to go.


I was playing out of the OLE Saturday and yesterday. My players had a blast.

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If you have the OLE (Origins Limited Edition) You are in a better position than many AO's who still have the Beta Only.


I am glad to hear you will proceed.

Yes much much better shape :)


I have 4 Warlord 4 hour sessions at a Con at the end of the month and only Beta rules with no data cards, no faction ablities, no flavor of Warlord just the base rules to show off.


I am really beging to dislike Orgins, it seems like so much stuff is held or set to release then, and if you can not go you get wacked upside the head.


oh well


Good luck with the event!



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