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Imps and Quasits (Bones Hordlings-77335, and Nolzur's)

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Great work!


Smallest I paint is 6mm - GW Epic stuff, and 6mm Napoleonic

and 10mm Historical (Ancient, Roman, Dark Ages, and Renaissance)


I find it helpful to paint the 6mm as units rather than individual figures,

think of a base/stand of 10 figures as the "figure"

I also like the look of each base of figs being a small diorama

(at work so can't link pics)



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1 minute ago, NOLA Chris said:

I find it helpful to paint the 6mm as units rather than individual figures,

think of a base/stand of 10 figures as the "figure"

I also like the look of each base of figs being a small diorama

That makes a lot of sense.  I bet it's easier to make the whole cohesive unit look good, as opposed to one tiny figure.

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6 hours ago, MoonglowMinis said:

Oh boy.  My head aches imagining the kind of eye-strain that would cause!

smallest ones I have painted are either the 10mm CAV troopers or the grippli minis from Stonhaven (those are really tiny!)


Nice job on these, I really like how they came out!

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