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Help...Coal Black Paint

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Quick tip; 19mm heatshrink tubing fits nicely on te caps of Reaper's paint bottles. 

I've put orange tubing on all my 'limited availability' paints, and red on all those that are out of production. 

(I haven't bothered to do this with the discontinued HD line, though. But I did buy a complete set of extras. )

So I can see at a glance of the paint I'm considering is a general use or one I might want to save for special occasions.


Just wrapping some coloured electrical tape around them may also work... 


You just have to write to Santa... or Sophie and tell them that you've been nice and could they make it so that Reaper brings out the Holiday paintset this year...

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I believe it was last year they made the holiday colors available separately.  Since my paint needs/wants are somewhat limited, I really appreciate it when they have that option.   


But I always feel sorry for those who live in a cold climate and who can't safely buy their holiday paints at that time of year.  

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I don't remember it being sold separately BUT I do remember they threw them in as bonus bottles in my holiday orders (along with one of the white holiday colors), so now on top of the bottle in my holiday box, I have 2 or 3 extras. I wish they would sell them individually (even if it's just during the holidays), as I am in need of a gingerbread cookie bottle (used almost half 2 years ago for my art school final project). 

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4 hours ago, Chris Palmer said:

Coal Black is part of their Holiday Colors set, which I believe is only available during the holidays.  So it should be making a reappearance soon.

  Now whether it will be available separately, I have no idea.




It is often also part of the freebies during holiday season sales. That's when I've seen it as singles. Had enough that I gave away a few bottles even.


If you need it ASAP, I'd get it from a 2nd party seller. It is a pretty abundant seasonal paint so I suspect a few places have it online, or on Ebay. Otherwise wait until holidays.

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