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Rob Dean

Winter is Coming...(November Hobby Goals)

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Actually getting some hobby time in so can make a half month update.


Unit of 14 mounted Druzhiniki 

3"x2" chunk of Ulvheim ruined wall.



first floor of small Ulvheim house. Failed print but still usable with a little hole filling.

4 Battletech mechs - Not sure when I'll paint these. Just filling out my wish list.


Prepped for paint

20 Druzhiniki - 5 are already half painted

4 peasant archers partially painted another 4 need to be assembled

Handful of Bones peasants/civilians - some partially painted

~20 Mantic skeletons - some partially painted


Going to try and get all the russians finished as soon as I can. Possibly this week. That'll clear up some more room in my mini waiting area and be my 4th finished army in my life. Maybe only 3rd as the goblins seem to keep multiplying.


Near future goals

Finish painting all my partially painted minis

Print and paint a ton of the Ulvheim ruins.

Print another ~10 mechs

Figure printer settings for speedy terrain and high quality minis

Learn how to sculpt what I want to make/modify for 3D printing

Start painting my 20+ year old Warhammer Empire army

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On 11/3/2020 at 7:34 PM, Rigel said:

Gotta get those cavepeople finished (I'm done with the first 90%, now it's time for the final 90%) and add the vultures and victim(s) to the Tree of Woe.
Photograph the Lost World w/megafauna and cavefellas!
Got a couple of Sophies on the back burner and a few shelf-of-shame minis.
And of course converting the anime heroine and the chara-kau; that didn't happen AT ALL.

Western Sophie got finished up and there's been some GreenStuff progress towards making a Monkey Business Associate and giving the nurse a period-appropriate skirt. Turned a WotC Aaracokra into a top-hatted Sam the Eagle, finished a Hasslefree Velma.
Just received a new shipment of horrible brigands and wretched peasants suitable for low fantasy. Oh boy we're going to use SO many shades of brown and grey!

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I have stalled out (again) for reasons that I'll not go into here.  Joseph, Mary, Baby Jesus are mostly done.  The wise men are a bit of a creative block.  The shepherd, sheep, and donkey will be handled as I get a chance.


I'm expecting to get more done this weekend.  I may have to reprioritize which figures get completed and which might not.

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