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Prince August Tabletop Test Team #4

Rob Dean

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I had a little bit of time on Saturday to continue with my Prince August orcish warband (guess it’s an Orctober surprise), finishing some speedy work on three figures.  All three of these are from Prince August mold #655.






I had never successfully cast these figures before this summer, so I was interested to see that the face designs on the shields are just the sort of thing I freehand onto flat orc shields.


That brings me up to nine, but I’m going to need three or four more to field a 300 point warband for A Song of Blades and Heroes.  The real use of home cast figures is to provide bulk at low costs rather than individual skirmish game show pieces, and these guys are likely to be eventually subsumed into larger units.  After priming I found a few places where I could have done a better job cleaning up mold lines and such.  


The fourth figure is a Prince August human barbarian from earlier in the summer, just to show the relative scale of the orcs against the humans.  


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3 hours ago, Iridil said:

Love the shields! Great nostalgia... I poured a few of these back in the day... yours are much better painted that those!


Thanks.  I started with the Prince August second series fantasy molds, casting orcs and goblins, hmmm....around 1990, I suppose?  I should check my old notebooks and see if I have any more specific clues. :rolleyes: 


(Edited later)


I didn’t apparently take any notes regarding mold purchases, but I guess it was a little earlier than I thought; my fantasy army inventory dated 19 December 1988 looks like it shows the first six goblins I had cast and painted in inventory, with another six annotated in March 1989.


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