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Nano 2020

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I'm really thinking about it. Had a couple days where I was writing a lot and was gettin' all geared up to do it, but I've been a slug the last couple days now, as per usual, and the thought of having to make myself pretend to be disciplined on a day like this sounds just miserable lol.

But think I'm gonna. Doing short-stories instead of a novel--gonna skip back through all the old notebooks and make a list of the languishing ideas and half-started things I really want to work on. And break out the prompt/exercise books. And see what happens.

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I did it in '16--again tho, stories, which isn't quite the same--and wrote, like, 75k words in a month lol. It was nuts.


I went through and gathered all my loose ends and was actually ready to back all the way out. Felt like I didn't have much of anything. But then today I did some prompts and turned out a couple starters that are totally usable, and then I checked off the collected ideas that still really interest me, and there's a good thirty of them. So. Not as hopeless as I thought, anyway.


Gonna keep working on prompts through the end of the month. Put myself in good position to really do it. Murder the excuses!

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Ah, I didn't think about a midnight start lol. That'd be like getting a whole extra day (with an extra hour tonight to boot).


I'm aiming to wade in tomorrow, I reckon. Church online, leftover pizza, and then straight into a half-finished story. Worked well the last time I tried this--already a start (though I won't count those words, obvs.) but plenty left to get me rolling. And then I'll play it by feel from there. Provided I get that far. Eh.

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