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I think all of the common slicers will tell you the dimensions of a model on the build plate. If you have a Reaper model you want to match in size, just measure it and scale the sliced print accordingly.


The formula to use is:

[size you want] divided by [size you have] equals [enlargement ratio]


So, if your model in the slicer is 42mm tall, and you want it to print to 50mm, then 50 / 42 = 1.190, or 119%

or to go the other way, from a 50mm slicer model to a 42mm print, then 42 / 50 = 0.84, or 84%

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And of course, sometimes 'the right answer' is 'any scale you want'   

A wolf suddenly becomes a 'dire wolf' if you scale it up 25 - 50%. 

And how large is a giant spider really?  


Even if you don't want to match other brands, if you have generic fighters or monsters printing some with a 5 or 10% decrease or increase will get you a bit more variety. 

(Works better on multipart models where weapon and shield is separate parts. Just don't scale those bits)

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