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Legion Devils - Graveknight, and Irongrave Knight (77065, 89039)

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Every Infernal Army needs its footsoldiers.  Today I have Legion Devils, or Merregon as they are known in 5E.  There's a lot of variation in lore with these guys between editions, so it really opened up the door for interpreting them how I wished.  So here's a handful of Legion Devils.


Not the most impressive of paintjobs, but they work for filling out a horde.  I am interested in revisiting them with my more recent TMM painting technique, so maybe I'll add to their ranks soon.

More Photos Below Spoiler:


Graveknight (89039)


First up is the Graveknight.  I happened to have one of these floating around and painted it up quickly before a game.  This one has the all-gold mace on the right.  He's a bit sloppier, but inspired my scheme for the rest.  The colors are influenced by the 5E depiction of Merregon.  I liked the image of the face-less soldier clad in almost noble-looking armor.  My players got to watch the formation of these creatures as damned souls were lead into giant mold and encased in molten blood that cooled into metal.  Sure that makes no sense, but it got the right reaction!  Especially when the Rogue had been playing along as one of those damned souls.


My favorite detail on this model is the little flame on the bottom of the cape.  It just adds that little hellish touch.


Norgol, Irongrave Knight (77065)


To fill out the ranks, I wanted at least one other variation.  Was looking for a properly intimidating knight with horns and a cape.  This guy was close enough to fit in with the first.  I painted up these two and the second Graveknight at the same time.  I actually really like the inclusion of silver on this mini.  I think it helps break up the monotone colors in a good way.


Again, it's nothing to write home about, but they look good together.  I played these guys like a silent, unyielding force of nature.  They have their orders and will follow them to the end.  Like hellish terminators.  My players narrowly escaped them by fleeing into a boat and sailing down a river of boiling blood.  The Legion Devils waded into the river and continued to march on after them.  Hopefully the players don't rest too long.


I really like reinterpreting the creatures that exist in D&D lore.  I have all of the models, and more that I want, and it's nice finding ways to utilize the ones I didn't have a use for.  I also love seeing a group of cohesive minis coming together.  What else does my infernal army need?

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    • By MoonglowMinis
      Another day another devil.
      Several months ago I was searching for a suitable mini for a chain devil.  I was in need of a few of them to represent hellish prison guards.  Unfortunately, there's not a lot of options that I liked.  Most of the official pre-painted chain devils look like awkward Michelin Men.  So I went looking for a suitable substitute.
      I settled on the Pelegarth Brutes from CMON's Wrath of Kings.  A few modifications later and...

      Three frightening and unrelenting guards of hell.
      More Photos Below the Spoiler:
      I really liked working on these guys.  It was a lot of fun reinterpreting an existing monster and finding a way to make it unique.  They're definitely a favorite of mine.  Plus I love that the chains actually dangle and swing when moving the minis around.
      Check out the rest of my Infernal Army HERE.
      How have you reinterpreted a mini in your own projects?
    • By MoonglowMinis
      Blood War - An Ongoing Painting Project
      Time to start another WIP to keep track of my growing armies of fiends.  Unlike my other two WIPs, Frostrun and Dark Tide, this one does not have a D&D campaign attached to it.  Though the project did start because of a game.  My players had been facing a threat of the barriers between worlds collapsing.  This of course lead to demons and devils spilling into their world, and eventually lead to them traveling to the lower planes.
      We had nearly wrapped up that plot point before in-person games had to be put on hold.  And though I likely have enough minis to get me through that arc, I love how the groups have been shaping up, and I'm now motivated to continue to expand the respective armies.
      The Blood War
      In D&D lore, the Blood War is an endless turf war between the Devils of the Nine Hells, and the Demons of the Abyss.  There's a bunch of extra fluff in there, but most of it is kind of complicated and, in my opinion, uninteresting.  At this point all that I care about it painting up some minis to represent at least 1 of each various type of Demon and Devil.  And if I still have steam after that I can look into the neutral Yugoloths.
      The Devils

      Up first we have the Devils.  I' like the bases on these guys best.  I definitely prefer some of the warmer red tones better than the dark ones, and the lava bases are a nice touch to break up the red as well.  So far we have the following:
      Imps - (Nolzur's)
      Hell Hounds - (44100)
      Legion Devils - (77065, 89039)
      And a sneak peak of the following:
      Blue Abishai
      Chain Devils
      The Demons

      The demons here have a colder color palette.  I tried keeping to shades of blue, green, and purple.  I might try to brainstorm some more interesting basing options, but for now the purple earth is enough to differentiate and unite them.  So far we have the following:
      Quasits - (77335 and Nolzur's)
      Bulezau - (77680)
      Barlgura - (77260)
      And a sneak peak of the following:
      I've got a handful of Demons primed and waiting for paint as well.  This project will be ongoing, likely between other projects.  But it will be fun to see their numbers increase.
    • By MoonglowMinis
      More demonic fun today.  I was in need of some Bulezau to greet my players as they first entered the Abyss.  D&D lore describes Bulezau as gaunt minotaur-like creatures.  The Beastman Warriors would have also been a great stand-in for this, but I was working with what I had on hand, which happened to be the Minitaurs from Bones 4.  I didn't bother with the 4th minitaur as it didn't match the rest of the set, and I had a single evening to get them finished.

      A little shorter and stockier than described, they still fit the mold as not-quite-a-minotaur.  I've said it before, but I'll say it again, I love the newer sculpts that were so prevalent in Bones 4.  They're less clutter, have larger smooth surfaces, and in general just lend themselves well to simple smooth paint jobs.  Lots of room for letting the paint add detail, and less time spent squinting at strange shapes.
      More Photos Below Spoiler
      What unconventional uses have you found for minis?  Any monsters you've repurposed to meet your needs?
    • By MoonglowMinis
      Who let the dogs out (of hell)?

      Hi everyone.  Back again with some infernal pooches.

      These are the Hell hounds from the Bones 4 Fan Favorites Expansion.  They were fun and challenging.  All those glowing lava details were a pain.  I think I managed to get them to turn out alright though.  Also had fun with the lava bases.
      More Photos of the Hell Hounds beneath the spoiler:
      In all, I like these guys.  Their bases were a lot of fun and really pop from a lot of my other minis.  I'll be posting more of my infernal collection soon, but figured these were a great place to start.
      Which Hound turned out best?
    • By Standifer
      This is one of my armies that I use for Dragon Rampant. I call it my Mordor Army though it is not necessary accurate for Lord of the Rings.
      My rank and file troops Games workshop Uruk hai serving as my orcs. I have a lot more but I don’t you all wanted see all of them!

      Next of is a pair of Reaper bones mountain trolls fulfilling the role of the heavy hitters.

      And last but by no means least is a Reaper minis Murkillor the Wraithking who serves as the Whitchking of Angmar.

      If I get any more troops for this army I’ll be sure to post them here, and hopefully I’ll get a chance to post pictures of my other armies here soon!
      Thankyou for looking! Comments, constructive criticism are welcome!
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