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Chapter 1 full reveiw


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This is posted by Snoop1000 on Reddit. They did a good job of writing it up. *round of applause*

Decoding that weird email everyone got from Reaper today

Many of you may have received an email from "Grimm" this morning from a Reaper Minis address. It seems to be kicking off some sort of promotional ARG, and I wanted to give you the information I have so far. Hopefully, someone finds this helpful.

Chapter 1



A quick scan of Grimm's message reveals that certain levels are capitalized: BIRTHDAY. Typing "Birthday" into the search bar on Reaper's website takes us to Alice and the White Rabbit (SKU: 50209)


. One of the tags on this model reads "Congratulations, you have found me." Another one says "Now you must enter the code for Reaper's birthday."

Reaper was founded on July 4, 1992. Searching "07041992" in the search bar on Reaper's website takes us to Mr. Grimm (SKU: 50307)


. He also has some new tags; namely, "I assume this is what you're looking for. 07041992" and "Here is your next clue: Wiki."

From here there are two options, one of which is a dead end. We'll talk about that option first.

First, you could search "wiki" on the Reaper website like we have been so far. This will reveal another miniature who now has the "Wiki" tag; the Cloak Fiend (SKU: 02619)


. He also has a new "Curtain" tag and a tag that is literally a wiki link to an article on Alternate Reality Games


. Seems appropriate.

However, from what I can tell, there seems to be nothing especially relevant on that page so far. The only thing that is noteworthy is its section on "Unique terminology." It says that most ARGs include a Puppetmaster, Rabbit-hole, and Curtain. In other words, Mr. Grimm, Alice and the White Rabbit, and the Cloak Fiend. I'm not sure if this is significant, however. Also, it's possibly worth noting that while the Alice model includes "Rabbit" as a tag and the Cloak Fiend includes "The Curtain" as a tag, Mr. Grimm does NOT have "Puppermaster" as a tag. Maybe the Cloak Fiend is going to be important down the line?

Anyway, let's backtrack to Mr. Grimm's clue. This time, let's check out the Wikipedia page for Reaper Miniatures.


 Sure enough, right at the bottom of the company's description is the last stage of our first chapter: "Congratulations, you've made it to the end of chapter 1, we will be in touch soon with the next chapter of this.. game. Please send the code to the grimm email. the first ten prizes have all been claimed." -Grimm

Even though it says the prizes have already been claimed, I went ahead and emailed the code (presumably 07041992) to the grimm email address. This is the response I got: "That is the code! congrats on completing chapter 1, Grimm told me that chapter 2 would be starting soon! still one more puzzle to complete. I see you have received Grimm's message, BIRTHDAY is merely a puzzle piece, it must be entered into somewhere. Somewhere bones are found... And the encrypted message on the bottom, you have one section, others will have the rest of the data to reveal."

The Censored Message

As hinted at the bottom of the email I got, everyone got a different letter at the bottom of their email from Grimm. Someone assembled all of them and unscrambled them to get "November Five 6:00", clearly indicating that the next stage of the game will take place during the 100th episode of Reaper: Live. I'd credit the person who discovered this message, except the fan Facebook page says the forum figured it out and the forum says the fan Facebook page figured it out, so I'm not sure who to point to.

That's mostly all for now. I think we've gotten as far as we can go, but I'm still curious about that Cloak Fiend. Is it a red herring or is there more to discover here? For now, I think we'll have to wait, but if you have any theories, please let me know!


Edit: On the suggestion of u/bafoon90, I sent the "November Five 6:00" to grimm. I immediately got this response: "That is the encrypted data section, Grimm told me that was an important date to look for." Looks like we really have wrapped everything up!


Edit 2: In case anyone wants to decode the message for themselves, we have collected all the letters involved: "mbonevre eivf 0:60". Thanks for your help everyone!



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