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Whiteish Dragon - from Wizkids

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Time to paint a new Dragon.  and whats a dragon without a WIP? 

This will be My second largest painted Dragon,  behind only DDS2.  It will slip to 3rd when I get around to painting the KDM Dragon King, that boy is a Chonk.  

My goal is two months - ie end of the year.  otherwise I will have only finished one dragon this year,  when normally I paint 3. 


but white is so boring.  

lets see what references I can find to spice it up. 


Ooooh Mamma ! 



so to translate this into the figure ... 

mint/pastel green tint on scales, pink in the creases. 

the lizard above seems to have green around some scales and pink around others.  im not really sure how to make that work. 


time for some rough drafts.


Rule of thirds - all white surfaces should be 1/3 or less other colors,  this way it should still read as white scales. 

It could easily overwhelm the dragon, and lose the white designation . (ie DO NOT replicate the too green small lizard on the top.) 

I don't need back legs on my sketch, patterns will be identical to the front legs. 

Should I splatter with yellow?  - it is either random color shift on scales or urine stains.  


Paint Colors: 

Entrail Pink mixed with white for the creases  (red liner deepest shadow) 

Green sky (vallejo) for the mint green, also 50/50 white.  (green liner for darkest shadows)

Linen white as a base - Pure white for highlights. 

Snow shadow (blue/white)   for shadows on the scales.

The wings should be darker on above than below, and more pink ,  while the upper surface will be more green.  


Basing -

Simple Snow Base.    The Dragon needs to be sturdy as it will join the collection that my Mini-Spawn plays with.    It comes with a transparent pole, and attachment points to the base. 

No  need to reinvent the wheel. 






I think I need to sleep on this before moving past the clean-up stage. 

Comments , Criticism or Suggestions?  


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I would be careful with shadowing the light pastel pink and green areas with red and green liner.  I worry you will have a tough time with opacity and cleaning it up.   Those are very dark and may show through layer after layer.  Consider mixing them with your pastel colors to still create a darker color, but to be easier to work up to your highlights.

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I dont like where he is going, I think I need to drop the pastel green and go full pink/white - like the other images above. 

It is currently so ugly looking, and so large and area, I just dont want to go back.  Here is current state. 


He is violating both speed and beauty tenants of my art goals. 




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instead I went WTH,  im just going to paint it pink.  

then ill paint the white and shadows over it, and try a glaze of green afterward. 


if it doesnt work this should become a cautionary tale. 


Don't paint your dragon pink.  

this is a 50/50 mix of BCA and entrail pink.  


drag 4.jpg

drag 5.jpg

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Thank you! 


I found that darkening the wings really helped to "sell" the white on the scales. Here's a link to the rest of the photos




That white on the arm of your dragon is looking so much better already, keep up the good work!

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