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Beta Scout by Second dynasty (Pic heavy)

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9 minutes ago, snitchythedog said:

That makes it pop.  Red and white was nice, red white and blue makes it much more snazzy.  You were asking about leaving the clips or gluing it.  My question to you would be what are you going to use it for and does it need to be modular?  I glued mine but that is becasue I abhor modular pieces in terrain and that is a personal choice.  If you are playing mostly RPG or a narrative based miniature games then my suggestion would be to use the clips as you can change the layout later.  If it is a static piece of scenery or will only be used for wargames objectives then glue it.  They do take up some space don't they!^_^

They are sizable and I would like to keep the number of these down to a rational level.  My plan is to use it in two ways:  as a terrain piece for WH40k and as a starship for a traveller and a Starfinder campaign.  I am also planning on starting with a basic ship and eventually getting them to either the civilian model or the extended model with the heavier weapon package.  OTOH I will want to have a number of encounters with either star wrecks or other ships (I am basing my lore to make that version of ship the standard small freighter/frontier trading ship for the game so I plan on having a lot of them running around so a second model would not go unused


I will probably glue this one together and build another with options.  Right now though I am starting the print of the Sleipnir so that will be a while.  currently printing the engines and reactor core!

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Got a little further today.  The sleeping quarters probably need a little more but the basics are painted.  Since I used a 70s color motif on the outside, I figured I would continue the pattern in the living quarters.  Besides,.when you're in a crisis its so much easier to yell for the gun in the blue cabinet.  It reduces guesswork.  The bathroom stalls are simple but effective




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Ah the magic of photography!  I can see some spots that need touchup as well as needing to paint sections that although the miniatures cant see them still can be seen by players.

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2 hours ago, Kangaroorex said:

Ah the magic of photography!  I can see some spots that need touchup as well as needing to paint sections that although the miniatures cant see them still can be seen by players.


It is the diabolic nature of digital cameras to point out previously unseen flaws. Some remain invisible even after they are noticed in the pics.

Of course my Camera of Continuous Contrariness may just hate me.

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With a little luck I am hoping to get my painting for the kitchen/living area and engineering done today!  Then I still have some hull details but it is basically complete 

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Just about finished with the ship.  There is still a little touch up work to do (like repairing the cannon on the turret... again!), the landing gear needs some love and the scanner package needs to be painted and I have to seal everything but for the most part, the ship is in playable condition and can be used for its intended purpose!  comments and critiques are welcome at this point if you see something.  there were seats in the original version but i took them out to allow for actual minis in the ship.



the Beta scout in its completeness.  2 armed with two turrets topside and 2 main drives with retro thrusters and attitude jets for just about every angle


View into the bridge from the front window.  I may figure out some kind of acetate for the glass but for now it stands open


front brige.  full working crew of the ship is 6:  Captain, navigation, pilot, engineer and communications in the front, Engineer/technician in the rear of the vessel


Sleeping quarters includes bunk space for 4 while the minimum crew of 2 are operating the ship  the ship does include a combination shower/head (How do they keep the TP dry?  maybe they use a bidet or the three seashells! ::D:)  Each bunk also includes and entertainment system at the foot of the bunk and 2 charging ports


A small living area provides a little rest and food between shifts.  There is a little auto chef kitchen here with replicators and food heaters as well as the emergency power cells for life support should the main drive go down.


Finally  this is engineering 2 stations monitor the heart of the vessel supplying power to both run the ship and drive it through space (one assumes some sort of fusion technology because what doesnt exist on this ship is any form of fuel storage!)  This is also the primary cargo section of the ship with space below the engines to house 10 tons of cargo or a small shuttle or ground vehicle.  additional cargo space is located under the main floor of the ship and accessible through a lower door in the main cargo section.


Its been a long road getting this from STLs to a (nearly) finished product.  It will be a little while before i produce another one, but i am considering it as well as making one of the latest ships by 2nd Dynasty.  First though i need to get my primary printer back on line...


Hope everyone enjoyed these.  C&C at this point would be welcome, in case i missed anything.


Thanks for looking!



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This looks great. I may have to dip into 2nd Dynasty during the MMF Christmas sale.

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