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Recently Black Magic Craft on YouTube made some Underdark terrain using foamcore. I thought it was a very neat idea but I honestly didn't expect to ever make any, I guess my wife had other ideas though. 


This year she made goodie bags for the trick or treaters but since neither one of us would be home to actually give out the candy she made a sign with the typical "happy Halloween please take one" instructions. To my surprise this actually worked very well, though admittedly I'm not sure if that's because kids are better than when I was young or the low number of trick or treaters we get. As we were cleaning up that's when I noticed that she had made her sign out of dollar store foamcore. Apparently that's just the coincidental push I needed to make some cavernous scatter terrain of my own. 


I'd reccomend watching Black Magic Craft's actual build first as it's a great video. Plus I really only intend to give an overview of the build and the mistakes I made trying to replicate his pieces rather than the actual steps.


After cutting and hot gluing all the pieces together I was feeling pretty confident, they didn't look too bad either.



Unfortunately I left a ton of brushstrokes on the pieces when I sealed them.



Everything looked a bit better after I applied some brown paint however.



My wash was just too strong though and I basically brought everything back to the orginal black.



So I once again painted them brown.



I thinned down my wash and also used less of it which worked pretty well. I drybrushed everything with a lighter brown and they look pretty good. I can definitely still see a ton of brushstrokes on the pieces but they almost work in their favor, adding a bit of texture to everything.



I definitely made some mistakes on this project but I'm really glad I gave it a try. My pieces aren't as nice and polished as a Pro builder but I certainly think they're passable. Plus once you add miniatures they look way better.


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4 hours ago, ced1106 said:

So how do you keep track of a model's elevation on a hill? I see you have a flat top. Maybe use a thumbtack on the side of the hill as a Q&D elevation or positional marker. 

I simply posed figures with the terrain for a picture, I haven't used any of these for D&D or wargaming yet. For use in a game however I'd simply use the wobbly model syndrome from wargaming (whenever a model cannot fully stand without falling over simply place a die or marker where the model should be). You could also use the climbing system Frostgrave Ghost Archipelago, if a model is climbing up a piece of terrain but cannot reach the top with their available movement simply place a die that indicates just how far up they are in inches. In most cases you'll never need a die larger than a D12. At least that's what I would do.

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On 11/23/2020 at 10:36 PM, DanH said:

Well, you're doomed now, pretty soon you'll have terrain and scatter pieces everywhere.

You will be acquiring more shelving before you know it! :D

Hate to say it but I'm almost there already. The small space I've been storing things is already full and the overflow is taking up space on my supply shelf.

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On 12/29/2020 at 1:43 PM, Froggy the Great said:

How are you dealing with the material's propensity to warp?

Usually a coating of Modge Podge mixed with paint is used and that's enough to deal with warping. This project however uses caulk mixed with paint. Of the two I think I prefer the Modge Podge mix as it doesn't have to be used immediately so you can get away with making it in advance. 

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    • By lexomatic
      So I salvaged this bit of 16×20 particle board from a broken picture frame. I'll be using some of my foam core to make a city square/crossroads board with my foam rollers. Something for city games that isn't too time consuming, but is also good for a wide spread of genres with the proper buildings and scatter
      The tough part will be steaming off the paper and cutting down the various bits for rolling.

    • By Rat13
      Recently I acquired a model railroad house for a dollar. I didn't have a real plan for it at first but the price was right.

      After sitting beside my desk for the last couple months I finally had an idea. This was a perfect starting point for an abandoned house and with just a bit of work I could add a second floor and a garage "roof". Plus with just a bit of planning I could keep it all removeable so the entire interior is playable.
      So with the help of my guardsmen conscript, I found roughly the right height of the first floor. I added a framework for the second level. 

      With a support structure in place it was just a matter of creating a platform. 
      Too late I realized I could have just used craft sticks on the underside of the platform. I also opted to ignore the idea of a staircase or a ladder to keep the entire platform and lower level playable. I doubt anyone I game with is going to call me out on it.
      I ended up adding the center barrel out of necessity, it works great for lifting the platform out. It also gives it a nice extra touch that pushes the idea of an abandoned building. I pushed that idea that much further with the addition of some "smoke".

      For the garage I did much of the same thing. Luckily with the overhang and not being surrounded by four walls another grab barrel wasn't necessary. 

      Now it's just a matter of boarding up a few windows, adding some damage, and painting it up. 
    • By lexomatic
      And so it begins... floorplans and foamcore. I couldnt find the post where I originally shared the link to floorplans, but a quick Google search turned up a version with BASEMENT! Now it all makes sense. I'll be doing a variation of the horizontal (top) layout with added stacks in the basement (and smaller lecture room). This will be the setting for my Gemma Files diorama.
      I will be doing fancy paper "wallpaper" on the inside. Stained popsicle sticks wood floors on the main, and concrete on the basement (tile bathrooms) with carpet in the staff and lecture rooms. I intend for it to be playable, with separate floors (and roof).  I'm debating FANCY openable windows. Brownstone, with tar roof and stone trim.
      I went with the built in size constraints of the folding presentation board on purpose.

    • By lexomatic
      I will be building 2 custom 12*9*1 foam storage trays for my metal minis, using foam, felt, foamcore.
      Yesterday I applied felt to the first side of the foamcore base. Today I will apply felt to the other side. This will give a sturdy base and something soft for the minis to rest on. Second side is so that I can layer them and worry less about scratching.
      Total cost materials glue, 5$ foam, 1$ felt, 1$ foamcore.
      Bonus, I have trays that will fit in my fancy Muji storage boxes.
      Photos later.
    • By lexomatic
      So I'm thinking of building terrain "fronts" by taking some leftover foamcore, some photos of buildings, and creating some fold-out support  ('L-shaped?) so that they will stand up.
      Has anyone ever tried this?
      I'm thinking of building fronts because
      a) more easily stored
      b) give me lots of flexibility to create mood
      c) my GNL mats will be used for layouts.
      d) faster than building full, playable bulidings
      I'm wondering about sizing. if I do 12 ft per story, that'll fit on an 8x11 paper? I suppose I should compare it to my existing 2 floor MDF stuff, but different eras.
      I still have no idea yet whether I can find enough photos at sufficient resolution to do this.
      I took one from google streetview (spoilered), which is also  3 storeys. I suppose I will test something out and report back. 
      In the meantime, please make suggestions, refer to other similar projects/products you're aware of.
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