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Ecclesial Hierarchy (02087, 03651 and others) versus Pit Devil


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Brothers Roberto (03561) and Louis IV (02087) are excellent sculpts suitable for multiple time periods. I've painted a couple of Nuns With Guns and a couple of priests, but not a bishop or a cardinal!

"Your Exellency, I apologize for the short notice. It's worse than we had thought."
"You are forgiven, Bishop. Is it the old Priory at St. Wulfstan's?"


"Indeed. The Creature has at last gotten loose from the bindings put down in 947 and broken through the 16th-century salt rings."
"God in Heaven. I had prayed those wards would outlast me. We knew this day would come."

"Mercifully, we have one of our best men on the scene. God willing he can contain the beast until the rest of the team arrives."

Father Sweeny, again from Artizan's 'Thrilling Tales' line, had better be a man of strong faith and iron will.DSCN8659.thumb.JPG.230f712531b2eb0cfe257b5183db839b.JPGDSCN8658.thumb.JPG.42323c36707c2a2eb6923e91343a6f27.JPGDSCN8660.thumb.JPG.cfd74773ba08fb54ec3326f0a1617f5f.JPG

The Beast, ornery after centuries of durance :

Hold the line...




(Guest appearances by Fr. Thomas, Sr. Maria, Order of St. George Nun, and Fra Ximenez from Black Cat.)



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