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Errtu, Balor (Legend of Drizzt Board Game)


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The current center-piece of my Demonic Army, a Balrog "Balor." 




This is "Errtu, Balor" from the Legend of Drizzt D&D Board Game.  I painted him up about a year ago and he was one of the first huge minis I ever attempted.  There's a lot that I wish I'd done better looking back on it, but you have to make mistakes to get better!


More Photos Below Spoiler:





Though I don't love the colors now, I'm pretty proud of the OSL effects from the whip and sword.  Even with a sub-par execution, it adds something extra to spice up an otherwise drab mini.




While I think the whip looks alright, the sword really suffered.  Most of this is due to the brown ink I tried using to shade the mini.  The kind of ink I was using was not acrylic based and continued to re-hydrate while painting.  It bled up through the white paint on the sword and I couldn't get the electric glow I was trying for.  Lessons learned.




The back of this guy is also kind of boring, and those wings have a tendency to curl under no matter how many times I boiled and straightened them.



Check out the rest of my Blood War project HERE.

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