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Ettinstone: Versatile, Magnetic Terrain Tiles

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Hmm,  still waiting, but I'm sure I did all the necessary. I'll go check! 


EDIT: Oops,  looks like my phone number was missing! Cheers for the heads-up Guyra, I was about to send them a whars-mah-goodies-at email!

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1 hour ago, Tordelback said:

Hmm,  still waiting, but I'm sure I did all the necessary. I'll go check! 


EDIT: Oops,  looks like my phone number was missing! Cheers for the heads-up Guyra, I was about to send them a whars-mah-goodies-at email!


Glad I could help! :D

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I just started running Forge of Fury last night, and it has an iconic entrance hall with a rope bridge. I’d had this craft as a possibility in the back of my mind for over a month now, but I was only just able to work on it this week.




I made the rope bridge with cotton twine, four 3/4” bright wire nails, wrapped in cereal box cardboard, with the nails recessed up into the cardboard, so I can flip the neodymium magnets in the post bases, to work better with the Ettinstone tiles (better polarity interaction). I soaked the cotton twine in burnt umber acrylic ink, let it dry, then dry brushed on an ivory craft paint. I painted the cardboard posts with honey brown craft paint, then washed it with burnt umber ink, then sealed it with unadulterated Mod Podge. Tied on the twine, and secured each knot/lashing with superglue. 



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Ran my first face-to-face games with my Ettinstones this week and I'm happy to report that they were just fantastic in real-world use, their almost abstract quality working almost like a whiteboard grid, while their pleasant solidity and stability gave a more aesthetically satisfying 2.5D environment. 


I had I initially planned to just use them as a customisable battlemat for purely combat encounters,  but we had two 6 hour sessions of dungeon crawling and after a while the tiles just seemed to flow onto the small crowded table continuously, with sub-layouts moved around constantly as they explored beyond the available space. Builds of important rooms were put to one-side "for later" (by the players), stairs and cages and trapdoors easily represented. I used Bones sarcophagi, crates,  barrels and altars, Mythic Battles: Pantheon columns, some 1-inch mosaic tiles as doors, tables etc, and even some old 1980s card Dungeon Floor plans (my previous go-to)  for water, fountains, round pits and greenery. And it all worked together! 


During pauses players toyed endlessly with the pile of spare tiles, and I was happy to let them and to generally democratise the laying down and maintenance of terrain. Folk actually WhatsApp'd photis of key encounters, it went that well. 


The most positive experience of using modular terrain on the table that I've ever had. MAKE MOAR PLEEZ. 


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