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Basing miniatures : glue

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Most all the minis I do have their bases removed & a pin inserted in one or more of their feet/legs/whatever.

With simple bases I do the groundwork in plumber's epoxy putty. The mini is then glued to the base with Plastic Surgery Super Glue or Gorilla Super Glue.

The large bases I use have cores of florist or insulation foam covered with the plumber's epoxy putty, glue, & sand for earth effects (depending on the effect I am going for). Miniature, Mushrooms, or whatever have longer mounting pins. The lower portion is covered liberally with (Alene's) tack glue to avoid melting the foam & a bit of super glue at the top to attah the piece to the putty.


Here are a few Mushrooms mounted prior to base coating:


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I generally file down the original mini base so it's much thinner, then I'll score the bottom of the mini base and the top of the base with an exacto and superglue them together. The scoring gives additional crevices for the glue to hold on to and does the same with whatever basing material I use; once the figure is dry I'll coat the base with a mix of 50/50 white Elmer's and water, then pour fine sand over it and let it dry, then shake off the excess sand. And voila!

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When using superglue, put a drop on some aluminum foil and apply with a pin or toothpick. Use aluminum foil between the nozzle and thread to keep the glue from drying.


For sanding, use a nail sanding block. I'm used to the rougher grit, but am trying out finer surfaces and boards. A set of sanding blocks is under $6 on Amazon.

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