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     Back when the Bones 4 Kickstarter was running, when the Giant Rhinoceros Beetle was revealed in the Fan Favorites set, someone posted this photo of a Frog riding a Beetle to the Enthusiasm Thread, and I knew it was a conversion I would eventually want to try.  I have an extensive Frog Army, and I wanted such a figure to be a Leader or Hero for my forces. 



I had the pieces I needed at hand; the Bones Black "Giant Rhinoceros Beetle", and my rider - for which i  had decided to use the Bones "Mudcroak" Squog figure.





As I looked at Mudcroak, I knew I would have to separate him from his base, but I knew there was no way I could remove all those little toes from the base without damaging them.  So, right off the bat I made the decision to just remove his feet along with the base, with the plan that I would then resculpted them with greenstuff directly onto the beetle's back once I had the frog glued in place.


Here's a test fit, with the frog held in place with blue-tac.


That's all for right now.


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13 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Awesome idea!


Thanks, Glitterwolf!



10 hours ago, Froggy the Great said:

I highly approve, and R.I.B.B.I.T. wishes to hire you as a consultant.


Thank you, Froggy!   Always happy to help R.I.B.B.I.T. out when needed. ::):



2 hours ago, haberfront said:

Are you going to use the same colors as were seen in the first picture? I am excited to see the finished work. :wub:


I'm leaning towards using those colors.  The black, orange, and white, certainly make a nice combination.

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I had some time this afternoon to work a little more on the conversion.   First, I drilled the frog and beetle and inserted a pin to help hold the two together.    You can see where I tried to carve the underside of the frog to conform more to the beetle's curved back.  I had to be careful, as I did't want to carve away too much of the frog's body.



Next, I trimmed down the integral base of the beetle.   I mount my figures on fender washers and use magnetic storage, so really didn't need the extra height that this base had.  



I then glued the frog to the beetle's back, and the base to a black-primed 2" washer, using Gorilla Superglue gel for both; and clamped the base while the glue set.IMG_7728.jpeg

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15 hours ago, lowlylowlycook said:

As a fellow washer user, something I do on deeper bases (mostly 40k minis) is use clay to fit in between the base and the washer to make the washer flush with the bottom of the base.



That's a good idea.   But I was mainly trying to eliminate the height of those tall flat sides.  I know a lot of folks like their bases that way (hence the popularity of the ubiquitous Reaper black plastic base), but I prefer bases closer to the flat of the table. 

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I had some time this afternoon to do some initial greenstuff work on the figure; adding on the base pads of the feet, the missing left hand, and extending the loin cloth in the back.   I'll be adding the toes, and doing the final connections of the feet and hand to the limbs when this stage dries.  


I'm not a sculptor by any means, but feel this start is serviceable enough.




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Today I was able to add the toe ridges to the back feet, and do the final connections to connect the feet and hand to their respective limbs.   I also gave the spear a bigger point, as the existing one was too small.


Other than doing a final clean up of the greenstuff, I'm thinking its ready to paint.



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5 hours ago, Froggy the Great said:

Onward, fearless champion!


Also, have you seen the game Burrows & Badgers?

I have heard of it, but never played it. A friend plays, and I’ve seen his figures for it.  But I don’t have first hand experience. 

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9 hours ago, Chris Palmer said:

I have heard of it, but never played it. A friend plays, and I’ve seen his figures for it.  But I don’t have first hand experience. 


There's a character that's a shrew Knight Errant on a stag beetle.  I figure shrew == frog in this case.

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      Going for a dark but vibrant paintjob - blue skin, and dark clothing.

      After priming, I like to block in my darkest colors. It makes it easier for me to avoid missing a hard-to-reach spot later, but without worrying too much if I get some paint where it's not supposed to be.  This method also helps me to visualize and plan out my colors better.

      I was instructed to paint her with blue skin, black hair, and dark clothing. I started with the skin. I based with Rich Indigo and plan on working up towards Surf Aqua.  I'm hoping this transition from a more purple-hue in the shadows to a bit of green in the highlight will look interesting, as well as kind of capture the overall color scheme.

      I chose a few other colors to sort of represent that scheme and stippled them over the base - Rich Indigo, Deep Ocean, and Carnival Purple. I eventually want the base to look like rocky terrain, but wanted to avoid neutral greys.
      Pure Black for the hair and then set about base coating the rest of the mini.
      I wanted to avoid all-black or shades of grey in her outfit so dark greens and purples will be used to keep things more colorful. The tattered robes got a mix of Pure Black and Deep Ocean. The fabric wraps are Dark Elf Shadow - hoping to keep the purpleish greys.

      I also slapped some Deep Ocean on the gemstone on her staff for a pop of color - will reuse this for other gemstone details.

      The base got washed in Pure Black - will play around with some drybrushing later. Metal details also got hit with pure black to work up to some NMM silver.
      Settled on Ashen Brown for the bone details. The slightly cooler purple hue should help the bones blend in with the rest of the mini.
      Also hoping to use the Ashen Brown to highlight the hair without it looking grey.

      Not much to see so far - just some quick basecoating before work this morning. Hoping she turns out as I'm picturing and not just a garish blob.

      Side note - this sculpt is one of those earlier Bones sculpts that are quite difficult to pick out details.  I'm inevitably going to paint over some random blob and not notice until later.
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      I got Reaper Bones because I figured I could paint, varnish and throw into a box with all my prepainted minis.  Some of my older bones remain slightly tacky too.  But I figured that with this new round of Reaper Bones, they would have got that figured out.  I've painted up the undead giant, but not yet varnished him and I'm afraid to!
      I've read the various Reaper Bones help threads, many of which are very old (and one sent me to Facebook, though it looks like it's no longer available.  I don't do social media anymore, so not sure?). 
      Does anyone have any advice to help a guy out?  I'm pretty sure I shook my rattlecan varnish adequately.  I do live in western San Francisco and wonder if the humidity (fog, it's often cool and misty regardless of the season) may affect this.  I try to wait until the weather is clear.
      What are you doing to keep your Bones stickiness-free?  Any advice you might have would be helpful.
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      Under the Sea.




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