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Masking fluid


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Well, I was using some masking fluid to create designs on some bowls I was painting.  I thought maybe the stuff could be applied to use on minis.


Basically how it works is you lay down a color that you want to show through at the end.  Paint on the masking fluid in the desired pattern and allow it to dry.  Then apply your next color over the area, and the fluid will keep the design in the original color.  To make designs that are multi-colored, continue to layer on masking fluid and paint, then when you are completely done painting, let everything dry well, and then remove the fluid.  The result is a design of one or more colors against a different colored background without needing to make your eyes bug out trying to paint fine detail in several coors at a time.


I think something like this might work well for plaid or for making striped, checkered, or unique patterned surfaces.

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I've yet to find a masking fluid that works with painted acrylic on metal. It always seems to peel the paint up when removed...


Anyone know of a good one?


Well the masking fluid I use is  called "Blue Masking Fluid" and is a brand name called "Susan Scheewe."  


I suggest highly that it is tested on a piece of scrap primed metal first to see if it pulls up the paint or not.  I haven't tried it on metal yet so I'm not sure how it will work.  All I know is that this stuff once dry seems to come up fairly easily with no residue or problems on the other things I paint.

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