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Miniatures of a Nautical Nature


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Didn't realize how long it had been since I updated this thread. Looking at the date of my last update I'm guessing my productivity for this project fell off a cliff at the exact same time Bones V arrived. Well now that the novelty of all that plastic goodness has worn off I'm back to focusing on this project again. First off here is everything I've finished since the last time I updated in here:


This quick job is some sort of Reapercon themed mini, she came with an axolotl, but I like her as a pirate without the companion. I'll save that to go with axolotl pirates at some point:




Here are a couple of the first minis I painted from Bones V. I like to think that the crews' of the Sophie's Revenge and the Storm Wraith decided to settle their differences with a drinking contest:








Not necessarily a nautical themed mini here, but this guy is from the Brinewind Expansion, which itself is nautical themed. So this fits. I'm fairly certain that the little statue attached to the chest that the monkey is sitting on is the gold idol from the beginning of the first Indiana Jones movie:




Pirates are great and all, but I'm also needing some sea creatures. Not sure this dolphin and hammerhead are really that good in terms of color selection, but they'll do for tabletop:






I did include a couple of minis with a bit of a maritime thing going on for my "paint nothing but spooky minis" for the month of October. First is this pirate doctor, also from the Brinewind expansion. Better hope you don't get wounded while on the ship:




And then these pirate zombies from the last batch of Reapercon minis:




My group is currently edging closer and closer to the coastline in the game we're playing. So I've got another group of pirates, mostly composed of freaky fish peoples and monsters and such. Most of the pirates I've painted up to date are going to be part of the crew of one of those giant plastic pirate ships I have yet to start. They'll be painted up later. But to begin with I'm going to be reworking an encounter from an old Dragon magazine involving missing ships and a Dragon Turtle under the control of a Pirate wizard. Which means these guys are on the table next as my bad guys:




And after that I think I'm going to finally start on one of these pirate ships I've got sitting here. Cheers all and thanks for looking!



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I've painted up enough minis since the last time I updated this project that it looks like it's time to post again. I've been focusing most of my recent painting efforts for this project on building up a pirate crew. And I'm pretty happy with the following group:




I like to think this guy joined a pirate crew just cause he likes sandy beaches. And who can blame him?






I thought about going all Queequeg with this one and covering him in tattoos. But my first attempt at that was horrible. I'm kind of happy with the end results regardless. 



This guy is from the last Reapercon and is listed on the website as a pirate, so he's part of this project. I can imagine a bunch of non nautical uses for this creepy fellow. Though a guy who can control a bunch of little puppet people is probably pretty handy on a ship.




I've also got this gnoll pirate I just finished speed painting. His expression makes me think he's the happiest gnoll alive. And why wouldn't he be? He's got a saber, a hook, fresh air and his other pirate friends let him cut up people on a regular basis. 




But you know what's even happier than a gnoll pirate? A gnoll pirate with a cannon.




I've also gotten a start on some scenery to be used with any coastal outings my group finds themselves in. The wood on these docks were done with craft paints. And a lot of the rest of the brinewind extras are going to get the same treatment as I come up with a few economical wood grains for the pirate ship(s). Never mind the guy in the second picture. That's Steve "Well, this sucks" Stevens just having a bad day. Totally unrelated to this project.






And finally here's a Tiik Warrior that I painted for the RCL 365 challenge. There's another one I painted about a year ago further back in this thread, but the colors on this one are far superior. If my players ask I'll just tell them they're different sexes and let them argue over which one is which. Of course that won't matter much, they're both going to try and eat em. 




That's all for now. I've got some freaky fish dude from Bones V on the paint table right now and am starting prep work on what will be the first of a school of Goroloth. Also, that cannon up there represents me officially starting one of my pirate ships. Though that may get it's own thread once I've begun in earnest. Cheers all and thanks for looking!

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