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The Midnight Raid (aka Gnoll Joyride)


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On 11/24/2020 at 6:26 AM, Hack Mini Painter said:


Modified for Gnoll use is slightly different than, Gnolls, "we broke it by accident because we're big strong, and slightly stupid". See photo below of a car after a bear got into it.


I wouldn't say it was "modified for bear use", it's just a bear being a bear.           :D


If Gnolls being make a bit of a mess getting in, well these things happen... I'd cut that roof hatch wider with something sharp and make new doors/hatches out of 1 mm polystyrene. Time to get your scratch build on.




Whoops, totally forgot to reply to this, then all that "fun" stuff happened with work as well as a bunch of other things.  Sorry about that >.<;;;


My view on gnolls is that while strong, they aren't as stupid - but I also put my own spin on things compared to typical DnD views.  This is also a reinforced, armoured vehicle, so one can hope the doors would be able to handle at least a moderate amount of abuse.  Scratches, dents, and dings on the other hand... Would be rather likely, even with the smaller ones primarily being the ones doing the driving. ^_^


As for scratch building.... I'm not all that willing to tear up something that's pre-molded (the 1:35 version has independently posable doors, while the 1:48 version has them as part of the chassis), and there isn't much clearance.  It would literally be just a single slip up, and I'd effectively ruin a $40 kit.  I also don't have any styrene right now.  Might pick some up on my next trip to the hobby store, but we shall see.



So yeah, for the moment (probably another week or so), project is temporarily on hold due to an incident in the kitchen.  I've regained a good amount of things regarding said finger, but I'm going to wait out for things to fully heal before I start messing around with two part epoxy putties - I'd rather not risk getting such into the wound, or worse, having it get ripped apart as I'm handling the epoxy.  Thankfully the shakyness when trying to hold something (as well as grip strength) has mostly returned to my right paw, but I can't always hold things for a long period of time with it.


On the plus side, after a bit of looking at things, it looks like with a bit of work Boneflayer will be able to hang off the back of the LAV!  I don't have any pictures of possible setups since I'd have to do some cutting, and it's already too late in the day for such (once I feel any form of tiredness, I try not to use a hobbying knife), but boy does it make me feel a lot better about it all!


Oh, and before I forget, these gnolls have not only acquired an M1A2 Abrams (Tamiya 32592 if curious), but I strongly suspect when I've spare funds I'll also be ordering in photo etch detail sets for both the Type 10 and M1A2.  Oh, and I'm definitely doing the diorama idea, and will probably take inspiration from the highway biker fight scene in Akira, or.... Something from Ghost In The Shell (1995).  Or combine elements of both.


But yeah, definitely looking forward to getting back to this soon!

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Been a bit of a while, hasn't it.  Sadly, no painting or sculpting, but there is something else going on with all of this....




They appear to have acquired the first tank....  Like before, the LAV is merely assembled in order to give a better perspective of things or something.






Sculpting on the driver is hopefully going to happen fairly soon, as will the assembly of the Abrams.


1/35 scale M1150 Assault Breacher Vehicle in the background of the first photo isn't theirs, much to their sadness.


Conveniently, I now have a thigh-up 1:48 Japanese tank commander in my bits box, and there's this nice handy plastic tab I can use to rest Toghra on top of for the commander's cupola too....

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Gnoll up-armament continues!



1:48 scale Tamiya M1A2 is now finished being built, so I suppose I should probably actually get working on finishing up that LAV, and more importantly, sorting out what my plans with the driver are so I can then prime everything!  Either way, it's nice to have some progress, even if so far it's just been assembly.


Group shot would have had the two metal gnolls in there as well, but I've kind of misplaced their blisters into a safe spot, and will have to find them again, hopefully soon ^_^;;;;


Additional photos of M1A2 under the spoiler.





I suppose I should probably get start4ed on contemplating HOW this will all work together for a diorama...  And perhaps not get too too distracted by that gunpla kit that's "magically" gotten itself onto my desk.... *whistles innocently*

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Wow, it's been... A while, that's for sure.  Then again, 2021 had a lot going on, including me ~finally~ acquiring a resin printer (and a Voron Trident, but that's going to take a while to be assembled).  Anyways, I've been printing Archvillain Games' Howling Horde - specifically the Scouts and Brutes - and it's had me thinking again.  Much as I loved the original Akira bike fight scene as inspiration it's going to be a desert theme.  It's just so much easier to make it all work together.  I'm also debating about whether or not the two tanks will be involved, but it's going to be a case of seeing how things play out.  Given that I'm thinking of going with an 8x8" or so area for things, I feel trying to cram all of that in might just be too busy.


Sure, I could try and cram it all together onto a single setup, but I honestly can't think of how I'd make it all work, tell a cohesive story, and not just be stupidly busy.  Besides, if I split it up into two or three segments I'd have the perfect excuse to converting one of the Bones gnolls into a ~WELDER~, complete with goggles, and for some reason that just sounds absolutely epic.  Besides, the LAV is what had my brain originally going nuts with the whole "Joyride" and "raid" being mashed together, and there's just something that seems to play out for me with the thought of the larger ones say screw this, I run ~WILD~, I don't need noisy mechanical things!!


Come to think of it, I'm thinking three different scenes could very well play out, and taking inspiration from some of the stuff I've been watching, there's just something to be said for "slice of life" kind of things...

  1. The "Midnight Raid" aspect of it.  JGSDF LAV with a gnoll driver, knife boy poking out from the top hatch, and probably two gnolls hanging off the back
  2. "The Mechanic" for lack of an actual title.  Krokuta as a welder/mechanic working on one of the tanks, probably the Abrams.
  3. Unknown for now, but for some reason the idea of the Gnoll Scouts being all "what are you gonna do human, we've got a ~TANK!~" and on the business end of said tank is 03389 Deckard (who Reaper seems to have partially renamed, because his title is gone now, hmm)



So instead, I've been contemplating basing everything around this guy and two of his friends (that are currently printing), specifically the "Axe Rush" Brute (GnollBrute_01 in the files) and the "Brute Hummer" (I suspect they meant Hammer, but it's written Hummer, lol) uh, Brute (GnollBrute_05 in the files).  Rushing sword boi here is going to obviously be leading the charge, with the LAV not too far behind them...





More to come at another time.

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