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[Kickstarter] Keta Minies Printable STLs for Tabletop Games

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Hey everyone !
I'm proud to present you my first kickstarter ! : )






It's only the prelaunch, so i'll mostly tease you..

but yep 118 stl as a core set, and every strech goal we'll unlock will be included to the bakers!
Everything has been test printed !

Painted pics ( video link to facebook -sorry i cannot manage to copy the url from facebook for reasons )

Thanks for your time and wish me luck ! :)

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28 minutes ago, animesensei said:

The gauntlets are interesting.  I don't have a set of those...


Good luck!


There is also a pair of boots,

and  in the strech goals, a full heavy armor as scatter bits ( chestpiece, a frog helm,  heavy glove, and destroyed versions ) :D

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8 minutes ago, Clearman said:

I'm interested and following.  Any thoughts on when you will go live?

I'm not super confident on this, but next monday, the 23 should be all good! :)


I'm a no one so i need to get some visibility before launching, and i have to do it by myself

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