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How things are going in your area?

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It has been months that we are experiencing this Covid-19 pandemic. And it is has been really tough surviving when majority of businesses closed off and lot's of people went jobless and the financial crisis overwhelmed most of the countries globally. 


I have been stressed out for the past few months, but fortunately that I am able to cope up every single day. I am learning to live with this Covid-19 thing. Our neighborhood has been very strict when it comes to visitors and we even have a curfew in our village, things that I can't complain about for the sake of our village's safety and security.

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woot woot woot! I got my first covid vaccine today!!! Hope it's ok to post here. If not, apologies and delete away. Not trying to be controversial or anything.   In frustrating news I h

Honestly? Not well. Our local hospitals are at, or very close, to 100% capacity in terms of ICU beds and the children's hospital nearby has started accepting adult patients to try and handle the overf

I got mine today too @Corporea!  #feelsgoodman

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Today there was a different bus driver, and he had a mask on. The regulars don't bother and aren't required to by the bus company. 

You can't pay with cash on the bus, but then, not many did before, either. 

One of my colleagues are at home these days. His son is in the at risk group, so he can't be too much out and about. 

The others show up now and then. 


In September my mother celebrated her 75 year, and my parents and I gathered at my sister's place. Her brother and his kids, he late siser's kids and a few others joined us via Zoom.   


I have a sore between two fingers on my right hand. It's all the hand sanitizers that dries out the skin. It's rather irritating.   


There were no trick or treaters on Hallowen(Yayy! finally something good)  


A couple of days ago a couple of young girls were out selling lottery tickets (fundraising for the local gymnastics team) That was a hard hit in the wallet. Well, the bank account anyway since they don't accept cash. 


I've worn a mask once, while waiting at the dentists for my checkup. 


What's annoying me the most is that I can't just visit my parents any time I want. My father is 82 years old, and after some rather nasty issues, he's in the 'oh my, how are you still alive' risk category.   (We took precautions during the celebration. )


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My experience will sound familiar to many.


Locally, since I live in a remote area (population ~2000, next town a 50-60 minute drive away), cases have been very low (none in town), but restrictions and best practices are ongoing (social distancing, public masks, limited business hours).


Practically no social activities, or none that interest me (I'm not an outdoorsy type). With federal/provincial policies changing on a weekly basis that somehow manage to be too restrictive and too permissive at the same time, and everything in between.


Personally, I'm somewhat surprised at how well I'm handling things. I've been unemployed since January 1st, my employment insurance benefits is exhausted, essentially no jobs in the area (aside from student jobs like part time cashier). I haven't seen a single family member in person since last March and no friends in over a year.


Yet somehow, I'm doing fine (turns out introversion is a secret weapon). Any issues I do have are unrelated to the pandemic.

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I will admit, I think the whole pandemic thing is starting to get to me or more less wear on me enough that I'm starting to feel it. With the latest shutdown here in the state & the hoarders re-appearing (damn them), yah. As I'm in retail, thou for only around an hour (thou 2 or more if you count OT every day) I don't see the people, but I do when I'm out & about. The whole people without masks is starting to get to me. While I don't wear a mask everywhere like the govnah wants, I will wear them when I'm in a retail store or at work when we are open. It doesn't bother me to wear one. What bothers me are people that have masks on, but can't seem to figure out how to wear the damn things. (Seen a old man wearing one on his nose, last Sunday. ummmm yah....ok.)


The shutdown has taken my gaming from me again, as our FLGS decided to shut off in store events to who knows when. They don't want to jerk people around. One of my players can't make it on Saturday for the home game, so I'm gonna see what day is good for him. 


The latest shutdown has taken eating in places I like going with my wife as well. While it's the whole state now, I know for sure this damn county was at the top of her list when it came to shutdowns. People here just don't care. They do what they want & they don't care who cares. Heck, you can just take a look at my neighbors for that (across the street big parties all the time, weed people, no masks at any time). We are gonna be in this for a very long time. Sad things is no one gives a elf anymore.

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I'm just glad our warehouse manager found some comfy and stylish disposable face masks, and was willing to buy a few boxes for me (I paid her back). 


Now I get to be the masked beard who wears sunglasses, but with a black face mask! ...Batman or other appropriate logo sadly not available.  Okay, it used to be black, but now I can readily breathe through them AND they're valid at our oilfield customers (work provided ones have valves, which more companies aren't allowing on site). Old ones were triple layer cotton, which got rather warm, and glasses would generally fog fairly easily. 


I'm doing alright myself, but my hands are really starting to rebel with this constant PPE and cleaner usage (I'm a delivery driver, an essential worker. Who knew coffee was essential!), doubly so now that our typical dry winters are in full force. 


On the flipside though, I've been mainly working on the games/audio stuff/hobbying stuff balance, and finally figured a few things out, so there's definitely that. 

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We're working from home where and when possible.

Wearing a mask in places where it's mandatory ( or where I decide to do it anyway)

Avoiding unnecessary contact.

Eat healthy, walk with the dog in the woods each day.


What is getting me down is that I miss certain people, miss to be able to go out for dinner or travel.

We are lucky though with a house large enough to give each other space and a big garden.


Stay healthy and safe all.


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Honestly? Not well. Our local hospitals are at, or very close, to 100% capacity in terms of ICU beds and the children's hospital nearby has started accepting adult patients to try and handle the overflow. Statewide we're looking at 75% of all beds (both ICU and non-ICU) being occupied with roughly 14% of them being Covid patients. That's up from 7% two weeks before. It's looking very likely that the state will be taking over our local convention center to handle the overflow. They put a plan in place back in the spring to use it as sort of a Covid field hospital. Apparently all the equipment is there waiting to be unpacked, but I'm hearing from friends in the medical community that there are inadequate numbers of medical personnel to operate this location. We're continuing to see large numbers of bars being packed and people having giant parties around town, especially among the college kids who number in the tens of thousands. Safe to say no one is worrying about precautions at these places and this is exacerbating the spread throughout the city. This is about to be a serious issue when they are sent home for winter break starting next week (most of the colleges have announced closing in person everything immediately after thanksgiving). It's estimated that a significant portion of these kids are carrying the virus asymptotically and the concern is they are going to be taking it back to rural communities not yet exposed to the virus and without adequate access to ICU care. 


I've been able to resume at least a semblance of normal life by getting my folks hooked up for Zoom calls and my gaming group is now playing remotely after about a nine month hiatus. Both of which are good for my emotional health. My homebrew club was doing in person, physically distanced events. But It was decided at our virtual club meeting on Monday that we were canceling these for the foreseeable future. Which kind of stinks because I was really hoping to unload about five gallons of high ABV beer on folks at our next get together. Way more than my wife and I will drink on our own. I'm sure with a little effort I can find some kind souls here in the neighborhood willing to let me drop off a growler on their porch though.


That being said, there's been a lot happening recently that is bringing me down. Both of my parents had it back in April. They are still recovering. They are both still suffering from daily fatigue and cognitive decline post recovery. A close family member died 3 weeks ago and we couldn't have the traditional family get together and funeral. That really hurt, that guy had been a positive part of my life for as long as I can remember. I usually host up to two dozen friends and family for both Thanksgiving and Christmas and then host a big party with my gaming friends on NYE. We look forward to that every year, but that's not happening this season. To top it all off my sister called me last night and said she tested positive. She only has mild symptoms right now so hopefully it won't get any worse. But I'm still scared witless. I try to stay as positive as possible, and I don't really like to complain much. But it's getting harder and harder to maintain that. Anyways, I'm rambling, but I think you all get the point. Things aren't looking so great. Stay healthy everyone and please take precautions. It would really stink to see anyone on here lost or incapacitated from something as crappy as this virus

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@Thoramel and I are in nearby areas, so most of what he says stands for my neck of the woods. Since I run all the errands for the family, I've taken to wearing a mask indoors around everyone as a precaution due to the rapid increase of cases.


Family-wise is doing ok. I was able to maintain rigorous protocols at my parents' home (where I also live) for most of the year until my sister showed up from another state from a business meeting (because she always gets what she wants, no matter what the cost), and who refuses to think she can contract a viciously contagious disease. I've been praised at times for my measures, but just as often have been called a prison warden and the names of various infamous dictators throughout history. Luckily, I've got a thick skin.


I am at a worrying point though because mom just left with eldest brother (who lives in another part of the state, thus outside of the household "bubble") to go down to winterize some property in another state. I have to worry about her being in a car for 10 hours with him (despite reassurances that she'll make both wear a mask the entire time); he also shares the hubris of my aforementioned sister (claiming that you are ok because work checks your temperature every day means nothing). I'd rather have taken her myself, but dad has a broken leg and needs help (can't trust the brother to look after him properly and all of the fur babies too), and my offer to go there myself and do the work alone only led to "you don't know what needs to be done" arguments. So that's going to be a big worry and nail-biter for the next few weeks.


Our internet speed is outdated, which has been a complete drag on socializing via modern technology. Since I'm not working I can't spring for an updated plan. We've had some planned and unplanned veterinary expenses, but our babies are doing ok currently. One of the cats is terminal, so I have a feeling I'll be getting my first experience of what it's like to be the one who takes a pet for it's last ride sometime before the year ends. Mixed feelings about having to do it; that cat and I have never gotten along, and while I know the suffering for it will end (once the suffering is apparent) it still makes you feel like an executioner.


Mini-wise, not much has gotten done. I've gotten a lot of assembly done, but since the dog surgeries and dad breaking his leg, not much traction has been made. It's kind of my only outlet for everything, but you can't really let out when you don't get the opportunity to do it.

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My area is in 2nd wave, but 1st major one, all things considered. We're starting to get more restrictions; announcement coming at 3pm for more probably. I hope it isn't a "too little too late" situation. Here while there are some anti-maskers, most issues are from people being lax, lazy, or having a "it can't happen to me" attitude. Not really malicious, but definitely dumb. Asking nicely got us through summer smoothly, but it made a lot of people stop paying attention too. ::(: I'd rather just slam the door for 6 weeks to get things managed again than tip toe around it - Australia and New Zealand get to have some fun until the next surge, and we're stuck in this middling purgatory. 


I've been taking it seriously the whole time, even in summer when cases were low (we got to 2-10/day in province for a while in early summer). Only take-out/delivery food - want to help restaurants, but not go in. I haven't been to the gym since early March, and when personal training resumed, I insisted on outdoors only until now. So I met my trainer masked, distanced, with sanitizer, on a playground. Been of the thought that "indoors with bad ventilation is a trap" the whole time. Now we're doing Zoom sessions instead and I got resistance bands at home. My fitness overall has been great through this; I expected to have gotten sick and cough my way into 6-pack abs (done it twice in the past - not recommended). But safe practices means I've not been sick.... and I got the abs by home cooking healthy food and exercising. Went from not being able to bike 5km in March to doing a 65km bike ride on October 4th. Haven't had any indoor group gatherings except for twice in summer at someone else's place, just another couple who don't see anyone else. I've insisted events with friends be outdoor only and spaced, and now that is all online again too. D&D has been online this whole time and it is starting to wear on me. I miss having my group in person with me. Pretty much I have my mask on any time I leave the apartment, although once I am out of building I may take it off when biking in no-other-people areas. Keeps my chin warm though, so sometimes not even then. I did reverse-trick-or-treat on my bike, following health official safety rules - I went on bike with lots of bright LED lights, and Halloween music on a speaker, in costume as "Candy Fairy". Masked, gloves, with candy in basket, and I used tongs to throw candy at kiddos from distance. It was pretty magical - I'll do it again not in plague time.


My mom decided to move out of Oregon due to the regular fires, and this year she was stuck between two big ones. This week she's driving cross-country with my aunt to NJ. Her brother, my uncle, picked her a new house and she went for it before even seeing it. Really hope they don't get sick during the trip. They damn well better isolate when they get there before seeing anyone else (including Gramma who is prone to pneumonia).


One of my best friends in CO just got a positive COVID test. He's doing okay with mild symptoms, but his situation is rough. He was as careful as he could be, but had to work retail (bookstore). His daughter turned 6 months old this week. His wife got laid off from the hospital... with her entire department (transportation - taking people back and forth so nurses and doctors don't). Bad for her, bad for hospital. And now friend worries about his family and their roommates being ill ::(:


Sir Cyr and I got a bearded dragon. Name is Zevran, and Zev is eating tons of bugs. I set up weekly bug-pick-up with the super sanitary and high safety-protocol pet shop so I don't need to go to the sleazy one.


I am sad that the phase 1 vaccine trial I wanted to participate in decided to run somewhere else, but wish them well on it. The decision making process for why I wanted to do it still remains though, and it was strangely the most "right" decision I've ever made. I decided I wanted to do that before I knew that most trials are *not* challenge trials with deliberate infections, and before I knew that there is a payment for them. It was the choice that I'd give up my own health and quality of life for people I care about, all in, 100%. And darn it, *caring hurts*, because now it is so easy to see how many people *don't* care, or deliberately do not. And they endanger people I care for.


I'm tired of people not taking this seriously. I'm tired of science-ignorance. I miss being around my friends. I miss being able to use props at a table for my D&D game, and feed my boys. I miss my mom driving across the border for the weekend to visit - but even after this is over, that won't happen again since she moved. I'm tired of being scared for my friends and family. I can lock myself up and keep to safe practices, because as I already said, I'll trade my quality of life for that of my friends. Doesn't make it less sucky.


Probably going to do some rage push-ups and exercise until I can't walk or move my arms later today.

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1 hour ago, Cyradis said:

I did reverse-trick-or-treat on my bike, following health official safety rules - I went on bike with lots of bright LED lights, and Halloween music on a speaker, in costume as "Candy Fairy". Masked, gloves, with candy in basket, and I used tongs to throw candy at kiddos from distance. It was pretty magical - I'll do it again not in plague time.


I'm stealing this idea. Not until all this is over, and minus the PPE and tongs hopefully. But I've got a bike, a comically small set of fairy wings for a guy my size, a bunch of lights and bike mounted speakers, and a group of absurd bike riding friends. Thanks for the idea!

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10 minutes ago, Thoramel said:



I'm stealing this idea. Not until all this is over, and minus the PPE and tongs hopefully. But I've got a bike, a comically small set of fairy wings for a guy my size, a bunch of lights and bike mounted speakers, and a group of absurd bike riding friends. Thanks for the idea!


It was pretty magical. Weather was perfect too. I had my rainbow light-up dress on and dollar store wings, and the bright yellow exclamation point taped to my hot pink helmet. It would be epic to get a whole group doing it. I hope to next year.

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Compared to most places, we've been lucky so far, but we are definitely getting an upswing the last couple of weeks. 43 active cases in my province today, with the 4 new cases today. I know very small numbers compared to many places, but a month or so ago we'd been around 0 for a month or so. Not surprisingly, most of the new cases are in the 18-29 demographic (I remember being in that demographic, when everyone thought they were indestructible.....), which is also the demographic locally that is most likely to not be wearing a mask.

Restrictions are starting to come back (the zone north of us just went back a Orange (the rest are in yellow...scale is what you'd expect from red to green). We've been at mandatory masks for a while now (but I've been at mandatory masks since March cause I have a number of conditions that mean I really don't want to get anywhere near it).  But pretty much everything is open and I can play Legion at the game store every other week, so not too bad here.

There is talk of shutting down our Atlantic bubble (travel between the 4 provinces is permitted without isolation, since our numbers have been so low).  Nova Scotia is having a significant upswing currently as well, which is prompting the talks.  It won't impact us as we have no travel planned for the next 2 months at least anyway.

Personally, it doesn't impact me much.  I get to work from home (I'm in IT), which I enjoy (jammy pants and an Incursion T with a zombie German WW2 soldier on it was work attire for today). I'm very much an introvert so not seeing people really isn't an issue for me. My wife struggles with it a bit more, but as things are now she can get out enough to not go stir crazy (she struggled back through March-May when restrictions were tighter).


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