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How things are going in your area?

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On 11/19/2020 at 1:08 PM, Dilvish the Deliverer said:
On 11/19/2020 at 12:40 PM, WhiteWulfe said:

 Who knew coffee was essential!

@Crowley@Crowley always knew.



Things in NYC are... okay. People are generally being good about maintaining their distance, and wearing masks.


I will say that basically all the benefits of living in NYC have been negated by this pandemic. No shows, no museums, no dining in nice restaurants... Heck, no need to get on the subway. There's no where to go. Not even to work. Work, which just announced that the office will remain closed till April.


No one in my blood family has come down with it, though friends have. I haven't lost anyone (yet) to it.


I miss people. I miss hanging out with my friends, and visiting my family. I hate that no one has been able to meet the Hamsterling yet.


I can't wait for the end of the summer/early fall when the vaccine will hopefully be in wide enough distribution that life can... I don't know if "go back to normal" is the right phrase, cause I think there will be a new normal going forward, but... When we can move past the pandemic lock downs.

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woot woot woot! I got my first covid vaccine today!!! Hope it's ok to post here. If not, apologies and delete away. Not trying to be controversial or anything.   In frustrating news I h

Honestly? Not well. Our local hospitals are at, or very close, to 100% capacity in terms of ICU beds and the children's hospital nearby has started accepting adult patients to try and handle the overf

I got mine today too @Corporea!  #feelsgoodman

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Oh, rant time. We’ve been masked since March. Saw a lot of unmasked at the beginning but not so much now. But the end result seem to be following standard pandemic trends, so it all seems pointless. 

I started working with a new group in April. I have never met my team. I have never met my coworkers. Video calls are forbidden due to the nature of the project. I have some pictures of who they are, but only half. The others are disembodied voices only. 

My brother and I, with our families, cleaned out my grandmother’s house as best we could for the estate. Had a good three days close together in her house. Got home and he tested positive. Only thing that changed for us was my daughter couldn’t work for two weeks. The rona only got one of the eight of us sick. 

My son’s first year of college might as well have been in prison. Most of the classes was online only, so why pay for a dorm? Campus is empty with no activities, which Adventure Club was one of the reasons he went to Tampa. He had one class he might have been able to take in person, but it would have required him to drop the lab. He went 100% online. He has three roommates. He has talked to one of them twice. The other two we saw moving in, but he hasn’t seen them since. 

My daughter’s schooling went better. They reopened and had in person twice a week with reduced class sizes. It was working so well the state health department investigated because they were having such low number of cases, and were held up as a model to emulate. But the school district decided to go with a one size fits all approach instead and shut down all the schools. If her job making pizzas wasn’t considered essential (*snort*), she wouldn’t be leaving the house at all. 

I am horrified at the media reporting. They really use scare tactics it seems. They breathlessly count the total dead and infected. But they don’t dig deeper. The other day they grimly announced that 177k have tested positive the virus in Colorado. I had to pause. There are six million people in Denver Metro. So only 3% have even had it. Asymptomatics maybe double that? So less than 6%. Then the percentage of ICU beds, but don’t mention that most of those are not virus victims, but then again that doesn’t panic people so it doesn’t get air time. 

Then they announce the positive rate percentage and discuss how that rate is determining the lockdown severity. Anything above 5% is “bad” and results in more lockdown. But... that’s not really a good metric. If I organized a large group of people with no symptoms to march into testing every day, it would tilt the scale and could move it to a lesser lockdown. That doesn’t seem well thought out. Unless, of course, the media have that whole metric wrong as well. 

I am honestly surprised society hasn’t broken mentally. Then again, that may take time to rear its ugly head. 

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Things here are mixed. 

Our covid rates have been going up again, but are not yet as bad as they were last spring. 

I continue to work from home, a situation that seems likely to continue through April at least. Some days it feels like my department are the only ones answering phones at the college. Add to that I've had to pick up a bunch of tasks that weren't supposed to be a part of my job, and have been dealing with a lot of stressed out students who can't reach anyone else, and it's not great. 


Financially I'm doing pretty well since I'm not spending on commuting costs and have not a lot to spend money on since most of the stuff I would want to do is closed and has been for 9 months or so. 


In the early part of the year I had been getting a lot of painting done, but in recent months I just can't seem to focus on it at all. 


Right now I just keep going over what to do about Thanksgiving. I know I should likely stay home, but I just feel guilty about how infrequently I've been able to visit my parents this year. 

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Friend of mine worked as an EMS dispatcher. He had a mental breakdown at work and was fired for it.


My brother is on meds following a mental break. I'm trying to get him to move out here with us. He's still living at home with mom and dad because he can't make enough as a financial advisor to afford his own place in Los Angeles. Been trying to tempt him with UPenn. It's right here, it's the Ivy League he needs to get ahead in finance, I can get him the IRS family discount...


My partner has always had issues with large crowds. This has turned into a not-entirely-irrational fear of ordinary sized crowds. Even places with unmasked people. Just going to the store is stressful. I would talk about it but it would be a bit of an 'eat the rich' rant and I'd get banned.


I furloughed myself from the IRS for my own safety, and because the option to teach presented itself. I don't make nearly enough as a university instructor to pay rent though so I need to go back. To the massive enclosed building. With broccoli ventilation where cleaning procedures are more guidelines than rules (exhibit one: the IRS mouse army). The building that gets shut down at least once a week because of plague cases.


The University has released their travel guidelines. Short guidelines: "Don't". Long guidelines: "Don't come back without a negative test you filthy plague rat I don't care if you miss your finals."


I have another antibody test this week. Last one was negative. I go back to the IRS mid December, if the city hasn't fully shut down by then. Partial shut down began 2 days ago.


We're not going anywhere for the holidays.

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things continue here.  Life is hard, but it could be worse. 


Wife is working from home,  misses her coworkers but is fine working from home.  She got a bonus for her help migrating other employees to remote work. 


The spawn are in remote school, Elder spawn is doing well - better than I expected in fact.  

Mini-spawn is in 1st grade, and I need to be with her 1-3 hours a day to keep her on track, and provide tech support,  etc. 


My State is moving to heavy restrictions,  I saw people in line outside Hobby lobby, with only a few being let in at a time,  decided I didn't need the hobby stuff that bad. 

Costco is out of TP, and other stores have a limit per customer.   Seriously this again?? 


there are lots of other restrictions, but really the only one I notice is the library going to curbside service, or allowing browsing. 

We have become pretty reclusive, I haven't eaten out, or gone to a inside entertainment since March.  


The heavy Saddness is having to cancel thanksgiving plans with my family - 3 households from different states, and one staying with a 4th  Household. 

All In Rural Missouri where not wearing a mask is a badge of pride.  My well-educated parents take lots of precautions, but the community is in denial. 

I still feel like we are missing a rare chance to see my brother-in-law while he is mostly healthy.   He was diagnosed with the other big C this year, stage 4. 

I have known him since High school. 

But none of us felt safe traveling. 


 So we will try Zoom, but my parents are going to end up in a parking lot near Library/McDonalds because their Farm has terrible internet.





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Talked to mom to get some updated family news.


The retirement home she's in, with three other relatives, aren't allowing any visitors except for immediate caregivers (which allows one of my aunts to visit). If my mother spends one night anywhere outside, she'll be in confinement for two weeks.


As it is right now, all of our holidays (Christmas, New Year's) will be virtual. We all live in different areas of the province, and no hotels are currently open for business. Seeing the still high number of daily cases, it was unsurprisingly inevitable. On the plus side, this makes shopping soooo much easier.


My sister (44) is on extended sick leave for work burnout, and has some kind of unspecified rheumatism that makes walking difficult for her. She's on a waiting list to see a specialist. She had knee problems for decades, and her second youngest has juvenile arthritis.


My brother (46), who in all appearances is doing fine, has shingles for the second time in two years. This really surprises me as we all had chickenpox as children too. He's like my dad in this regard. No matter how he thinks he feels, his body has a different idea.


This really weirds me out when I think that, despite being the oldest (49), I'm the healthy one?

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Yesterday was the highest one day increase our province has had, and most of it was my city. Luckily most of the the  "get tested if you've been here" information is for bars and clubs between midnight and 3 am, which rules me right out....


Heard from the oldest, his test was negative, so that's very good.

The younger (who lives with us) had a call from the health folks. He was at Dooleys (a pool hall type chain around these parts...no idea if it is anywhere else) when someone who tested positive was there. They said there was no indication that he was anywhere near that person so no need to self isolate or get tested or anything apparently, just to watch for any symptoms....not sure those are ideal instructions but if he did get exposed I'm sure I'd have already been exposed to it from him before they called anyway.....


My only adventure out this weekend was to two hardware stores looking for clips to attach exterior Christmas lights.  Apparently our old clips are MIA from the move....

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Honestly things are pretty bad here. Our county is apparently #5 in highest positivity rate in the U.S.. for the first time businesses are closed due to outbreaks. When we do go out we do drive up service. Everything has shut down again. I was able to game every other week with a group of friends but after one got sick we stopped. The gamestore I was playing at closed back up for safety.


Things at home are tense, add in the stress of taking care of a 14 month old with the fear of her getting sick combined with never having a break from your spouse (we seem to be constantly getting frustrated with one another) and my emotional state is FUBAR. I lost track of days and did not even know this upcoming week was Thanksgiving.

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Here in eastern Iowa, cases are still increasing, but not in the exponential rate they have been for the list month.   I have been working from home since last February and we hardly ever leave the house.  I miss walking over to my co-workers desks and just chatting.   Some of them have even moved out of state, since it's doubtful we will go back to the office until middle of July or later.  Since I am on immune supresant drugs hubby and I are always super careful when we venture forth from our lair, which only happens every 2 weeks or so. 


My son might have been exposed to Covid when he turned in his senior project,  so he has decided to not come home for Thanksgiving.  He will also not visit his grandparents in the same  so he will just stay in his apartment.  We won't see him until sometime in December.  I miss him.

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We're in Lockdown: Part Deux. We have legally enforceable travel restrictions, all but non essential businesses(and, randomly takeaways)are closed and there's been a ban on visiting other houses in place for months. Thankfully our vets are still open. Masks are mandatory inside shops and all of them are limiting numbers, which means a lot of queueing. We haven't seen our role-playing group since March. On the plus side, we didn't have to use our overflow hospital, which was a repurposed conference centre so that's something, I guess.


Cases here are staying stubbornly level, which is why we're stuck inside now. Too many people breaking restrictions. I've lost too many people that I care about it to be polite about it anymore and I wish people would just wake up to reality. 


The restrictions we're currently experiencing are, to be honest, an attempt to try and slightly relax the rules for a few days at Christmas. Personally, I think it's not the best idea but people are going to break the rules then anyway, so we might as well get the infection rate down as much as possible to try and counter the inevitable spike in cases that we're going to get mid January. Hogmanay/New Years is cancelled and I seriously doubt that we'll be out of this by next summer.


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22 hours ago, Cranky Dog said:

My brother (46), who in all appearances is doing fine, has shingles for the second time in two years. This really surprises me as we all had chickenpox as children too.


That sucks horribly, I'm sorry. I hope he gets better quickly. It now has me worried for myself. I had chickenpox as a kid, got shingles at age 31 from the stress of family illness, and though there is currently no physical illness here I'm in the same place with the same people who increased the stress back then. They say it's very rare to get shingles a second time, but this proves that there's still a chance. I really don't want shingles again.


Where I'm at, things really haven't changed people's habits, except they are back to panic buying. I don't know if everyone is worried we'll go into a full lockdown or something, but it was a madhouse at the stores today.


Domestically, I'm getting tired of being yelled at. Another sibling came by, whom I politely asked to wash their hands a few minutes after they entered. Said no, they'd do it later, so we got into a stare off. In an attempt to prove they had the digger bick, they ripped their face mask off to place emphasis on it. I'm the one who gets yelled at by my parents (which is still continuing days later) for provoking it by asking them to do the simplest of precautionary things. My respect and "give an elf" meter for people who enter someone else's home and don't obey safety protocols has reached zero.


They say you can't choose family. Well, I can sure choose which family I associate with in the future. And that number is getting smaller. Probably makes me an elfhole, too, but this entire year has shown me a lot about certain people's moral and ethical character.

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Well, they finally said they're going to bring in tougher measures as of Friday when the state of emergency comes back into effect here in Alberta.   It doesn't necessarily affect me as I'm classified as an essential worker, however it looks like I'll be carrying a letter from work on me stating such just in case once more. 


Sad to see it get to this, but I can understand precisely why many of the restrictions (including private gatherings being more or less banned now) are being brought into place.  

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6 hours ago, WhiteWulfe said:

Well, they finally said they're going to bring in tougher measures as of Friday when the state of emergency comes back into effect here in Alberta.   It doesn't necessarily affect me as I'm classified as an essential worker, however it looks like I'll be carrying a letter from work on me stating such just in case once more. 


Sad to see it get to this, but I can understand precisely why many of the restrictions (including private gatherings being more or less banned now) are being brought into place.  


I've got one of those from spring time. It's funny, as I walk to work a little before midnight, I never once got stopped by the fuzz, then again no cares in this county. Hell, I saw at Wallyworld the other day cops were talking with a guy, no social distancing, no masks, nothing! Sadly, the cops had a case amongst them earlier this year. So probably a good thing I didn't get stopped by them.


Well the gamestore's gaming might be shut down, but I'll be continuing my home game this Friday! So far, we did take out at our favorite Mexican food place last Friday. Other then that, nothing has really changed here as far as shutdowns. Oh well there is Tp & paper towels/plates hoarders (I totally despise them btw). Also, what is up with brown paper lunch sacks? In spring in shutdown we couldn't keep them in stock. Re-open, can't sell em. Now we are shut down again & we are out of stock again.....WT???????

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