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How things are going in your area?


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Well, we've been through a fairly bad 4th wave (at least by my province's standards) getting up to over 1000 cases for a couple of days (previous peak was around 350).  Things are settling now, but still not down to where it would be nice.

Boosters shots have started for those most at risk.

And we've been in the middle of a province wide union strike which included a lot of medical works as well as school workers, so the all the schools have been back to online learning and most medical stuff has been delayed, again.

Between Covid waves and this, it could be a long time before I finally get my back surgery.....

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Andi and I got our booster shots Saturday. I spent Sunday with a bit of a fever, woke up this morning feeling.. better, but with a sore arm (had that since late Saturday, so... expected. Heckin' intramuscular shots).

Andi, who was fine Sunday, is now feeling the side effects. He's curled up with a book and a cat and is unlikely to move much unless food is involved.

They wanted to know if we wanted our flu shots too. And we both said, uh.. yah, no. Wait a week. Let's not double-fist the vaccines when we don't know how one of them might react, eh?


People are ... *sigh* Still people. 

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6 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:

So, for anyone who has gotten the 3rd jab, how was it? Same reaction as the second one? Different? Better? Worse?


5 hours ago, Inarah said:


Same reaction, (sore arm, fatigue) but was gone much faster. 


Yeah, got the Pfizer one on Monday evening. Tuesday was eh. Today my arm is a little sore.

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2 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:

My employer is partnering with the local health department to give shots/boosters. I figure it's easier (for me) for them to schedule a day where they come to our building and do the shots than me trying to schedule an appointment.

That's what I did. They had a day where you could sign up for any first doses or boosters you needed. 

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I'm not eligible for a booster until the middle of January, since I got my 2nd dose mid-July. Glad to hear side effects aren't too annoying. BC is set to boost everyone at the 6mo mark, last I checked. We have a slight edge on general efficacy for the group that had 8 week spacing between doses though - the gamble paid off there.


Wouldn't be too surprised if there was a variant specific booster coming ~March 2022 though. Hopefully along with getting more doses to The Rest of the World, because that's darn important too.

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