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77580: Ma'al Drakar

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I have looked at this model for a while and you did a wonderful job on it. You did such a good job that I only have one small complaint. Could you take a picture of it with a neutral background? The paints in the background of the photo are really taking away from all the great work you did. I really want to some more pictures of this! Some close ups too.

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3 hours ago, MoonglowMinis said:

Lovely work.  I've been gearing up to tackle this one myself.  Did you use an airbrush at all or is this all by hand?

Thanks!  I airbrushed the initial black prime and zenithal white, and hit most of the red parts with crimson red to start (It's quite translucent when used through the airbrush.)


2 hours ago, ManvsMini said:

Thanks for the close-up photos. Those eyes are great, the colors you chose really make each set stand out from its respective head. Love it.


All these Ma'al Drakar showoffs make me want one.

Thanks so much!  I wanted to make the eyes stand out. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out.

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