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Crusader Squad


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If any of you have looked at the Hero forge interesting creature builds you may recall me posting some pictures of a squad of commandos called Crusader squad. Let’s just say I succumbed to the temptation to get the stls for my printer.

Currently I only have four printed off. I’ll do the rest when I get them supported. 


Shadow, I didn’t get his arms supported right so I’ll try to do some repairs to them. If it works I don’t think I’ll print a replacement.





Max Monova. I really didn’t like his original stance so I redid it and gave him two pistols instead of a pistol and gauntlet blade.

Added some black green and some blue to Monova’s pauldron.65F9A8A4-21C4-4614-86FE-B42073636699.jpeg.ca2e53b48b25784236acb2f400445b1a.jpeg

Thanks for looking!

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22 minutes ago, SotF said:

I like the look, but did HeroForge fix their terms list to remove the rights mess with them? When they updated to be able to add color, there was a thing going around there that was oddly overreaching

I checked the web site, If I interpreted the legalleez correctly I can tweak the stls as long as it’s not for commercial use. I’m glad, because it’s too late now!

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1 minute ago, Standifer said:

I checked the web site, If I interpreted the legalleez correctly I can tweak the stls as long as it’s not for commercial use. I’m glad, because it’s too late now!

Was meaning the entire thing of anything associated with the design you no longer own...which kind of goes way beyond what I've seen anywhere else with minis and/or stl files for them. The kind of thing where they could, if they choose to do so, claim videos that include the mini in it along with associated characters and more. It's unclear if you can resell one of the minis from them (meaning that you buy one of their minis and eventually get bored of it and sell it off, not meaning the printed ones, but the ones they print).


Most minis manufacturers have a thing where they own the sculpt copyright and you can't recast, but the 1st sale can come into play along with other things. And you can freely use your minis as you like. I've had minis that I got bored of or just didn't have room for as traded in at various places, it's unclear if you can even gift someone with a directly purchased mini, much less make a trade or similar.

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More work has been accomplished!

The red visors were pretty easy as I had a red metallic enamel which works great for that. The blue ones were more of a pain. I had some artic blue enamel but it went bad on me so I bought some model master transparent acrylic, well that didn’t work at all. So I tried some createx transparent blue and it work out much better. 

Used my model master metalizers for the guns.


Not done by far but they are getting there!F98486B9-8714-41AA-A1ED-C826CAD5A8CB.jpeg.87f08a2272c05b13b15e42f2da06a58e.jpeg 
Thanks for looking!

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I have decided to use this opportunity to try and develop my highlighting skills as highlighting is one area I tend to struggle with. 

Oh And I must make a confession..... The pauldron designs are neither freehand or decal, they were done with a fine point sharpie. I think it worked fairly well. 






Thanks for looking!

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