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Terrain to livestream the battlemap for my players

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I've reached my saturation point with the uninspiring top-down view of the virtual tabletop.  So this week I built and painted a bunch of dungeon tiles and terrain features.  I'll mount my phone on a tripod and give it its own discord account, then stream the map directly into our video chat.


Trial run is tonight.  Fingers crossed!  If this goes well, I'll keep adding to the set over time.


That cheering you can hear in the background is my little plastic homies who've been in lockdown for 8 months.


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For the floor tiles, I used a fine grain particle board attached with DAP caulking to dollar store foamcore that I  stripped of its paper.


The arches, stairs, and pillars were 1/2” extruded polystyrene attached to the particle board.


I've got it all sitting on a 4' x 3' sheet of cheap black neoprene.

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