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Grenadier Chaos Giant 3506

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One i don't believe has been posted here before, sculpted by John Dennett.  From the giants club series, which comes as a set with Obelisk, other assorted supporting pieces,  + a map in a small box approx. the side of a paper-back book. If you collected all the various giants and follow the map, + send in 10 proof of purchase codes to Grenadier (remember those days?), you would get a free "Giant King's throne"  sent to you in the mail. I've never seen the throne, if you have it please share.


      This one is not really a giant, but a Demon named Shaeglmon who serves the Demon Queen of Chaos named Azurg. They were  trapped in a place called the Hellwaste by powerful wizards.  Shaeglmon, also called the Hound of Azurg, is the governor of the Hellwaste and commands all the Demons and Undead trapped there, waiting for the day when their prison walls fail. Occasionally brave adventurers venture to the Hellwaste, the few that return bear horrifying tales, most are never heard from again.

      Not my best work but a cool model and it's different. Most importantly, i managed to find the complete set which is rare as the cowering victim  is tiny, about the size of a modern Halfling, and apparently easily lost as I've never seen another painted one


. Pretty sure this is one of the parties that never comes back :) Last pic includes a modern Dwarf for scale








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thanks for the replies.


I have a Dragon Lords Forest giant coming up but I'm missing the Boars and Obelisk.  If you plan to acquire any of these , and they're pretty cool if you like the old stuff, my advice is spend a little extra and buy the complete set. Getting the missing pieces later is difficult and pricey since your paying for shipping twice

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    • By Ooook
      Back after a 2 months break, with one of my oldest miniature. I bought this ninja with the katana some 35 years ago... ^_^; 
      It was time to paint him and his brothers (Grenadier Models, 1983) :
      (click on the pic to see more on my blog)

    • By 72moonglum
      So an EDIT:  I changed up the photos and added one more different view because I took them from a slightly lower angle
      So it looks like Frost Giants are all the rage these days on the forums, so I'll add one more, eventually two.  I have been watching Patrick Keith's frost giant queen ever since she came out on the Bones Kickstarter and got her not too long ago, but didn't feel that I could actually start on her until I got some of my older frost giant pieces out of the way. The first two on the docket are John Dennett's classic Frost Giants from the Grenadier's Giant's Club, where each giant set came with the piece of a map and an obelisk. I'm not sure if after collecting all these you were able to send them in for something?
      Anyhoos, here is the female frost giant, one of my all time favorite figures. I'm working still on the male frost giant who is a little more labor intensive, but I'll get him finished one of these days hopefully soon.
      and some of the face's close ups because I think I took the farther away photos from a higher angle which didn't quite capture the face.

      One thing I've found out especially towards the end of this project is that super glue and tight spaces really don't match and I managed to get the snow around and in a few places where it shouldn't be, including over the left hand's fingernails, which I took painstaking time and effort to make nice, only to get them covered by snow.
      The snow I used came from some modeling snow I had bought years ago. Up until now I'd been using baking soda for my snow effect, but I worried a bit that over the time it might yellow (time will tell I guess) and it would not look so nice in a few years. 
      In case anybody's interested, here’s the WIP I've been working with:
      where you can also see ongoing process on the male as well.
      Anyhows, I hope you all enjoy taking a gander as much as I enjoyed painting her!
    • By Vacaroja
      Pulled out one of the many in my old school collection and finally painted it up.  Part of my New Year's resolution which is to not buy any new minis this year and paint what I already own, some of which goes back 30+ years.  At some point I may put together a resolution WIP thread to help me stay focused.
      Mixed up somewhere in the depths of my cases are the people that came with this beast and someday maybe I'll get to them.  If I can find them and all their parts!


    • By Marvin
      Starting to catch up with pictures, again. First up are a couple old Grenadier baddies I painted just to use up some paint/knock stuff out of the way.
      The Lizzard Man 1 is from the 2010 Horrors of the Marsh set in the Dragon Lords line, sculpted I've read by John Dennett. I think he's actually a pretty cool sculpt. Different, anyway. I got him from a lot on Ebay; actually rather wish I had the other two Lizzard Men in the set, too. But, anyway. I didn't do a lot with him, just kept it simple.
      The Yeti is from the 5002 Monsters set . . . and kind of a poor sculpt. The legs and feet, especially, were completely different sizes. He became a victim of my trying out some off-brand "matte" sealer; the shininess is obviously deplorable. Eh.
      As always, photo problems. Though I found for whatever reason I got better photos if I shot partly off the white paper background. No clue why, but yeah. So started doing that.




      Thanks for looking! If you have input, I'm totally open to it, though these were pretty basic phone-it-ins, even for me.
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