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9 hours ago, Disciple of Sakura said:

How is Rememorex? I backed it, but I haven't had a chance to play it yet.

I haven't played it. I listened to a podcast for a bit. It seems darker than something like Kids on Bikes from my memory. I have a different game by the company that seems fun but no idea if I'll ever play it.

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This ends this weekend.

We offer you 4 teenage 28mm miniature characters:-


Continuing with our 80s Kids theme, we have 4 more wonderful characters for you. These minis are suitable for any contemporary role playing and table top boardgames such as Tales from the Loop, Kids on Bikes and Call of Cthulhu's The Dare, Zombiecide, in fact, along with our first 80s Kids range, they're ideal for any teenage adventure rpg/table-top games. All 4 miniatures are single cast, ie they are not multi-parts. So all you have to do is attach them to a base which is supplied with each miniature. 

751ef52df8d4944fa8ea938a89411a0d_origina Julie loves reading Nancy drew books and imagining herself solving crimes!
dafe87779d6c8baac44b647022f5ce00_origina Patrick is the high school jock who secretly hangs out with his nerdy friends!
9b7554a2e3d6669dba4baba459bae3f9_origina Jennifer is a cheerleader who has a crush on Patrick!
c1dfb613f3986e85d743e4f695f936fe_origina Elliot cycles everywhere on his BMX bike and is a DM of his Dungeons & Dragons group!

This is our 4th range of miniatures and once again we’re using Kickstarter to help promote this range and to help us pay for the costs of the sculpting, the painting and the master casting of these miniatures and also to fund the production castings and to help us finance future ranges.


What you will receive:

1-4  white metal miniature character(s) plus base(s) in the 28mm scale.

05f4ea27280726ebef1ebe324ab29fb8_origina Julie
18453905121fec4d576a2fe8bd15ae1e_origina Patrick
00f521bfc301dba1b96fd33ba6e727be_origina Jennifer
a002e7589a8d1a8c69116e2dd7ba05d6_origina Elliot


We are now adding the option to buy 1 full set of Kids on Wheels together with 1 full set of 80s Kids - our original range! This comprises 12 minis in total. By combining both sets you will save on postage.

a83aa8efd0e01d815b0b6db70e912b98_origina 80s Kids first range


  •  These minis will be shipped to you from the United Kingdom (UK).   
  • The shipping costs, depending on your country of residence, are included in the Kickstarter pledge price, and will be added onto your total pledge accordingly. 
  • Costs are calculated by packaging, weight and size of your pledge and by the postal rate to your country from the UK.

Estimated shipping costs from the UK by Royal Mail, including P&P, up to a total of 100g are:-

• United Kingdom (UK) from £2.00

• European Union (EU) from £4.00

• Rest of the World (ROW) from £5.00

*(Rest of the World includes: America, Canada, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Africa).





  • To pledge for 1-3 minis or duplicates please add them all to the one pledge accordingly, working out the total cost of all the minis included, this is in order to ensure that you only pay 1 x P&P. We will confirm names/quantities with you via the final KS survey. 
  • We have found this to be the best way to add P&P because on previous Kickstarters, when we collected P&P separately, many backers didn’t respond to our emails asking them to pay the separate P&P and we had to do quite a lot of chasing up.
  •  We ask that you kindly do respond when we send you the survey at the end of the KS. It's to request your postal address and to 'double check' exactly how many and which minis you want, and that only one postage amount has been added.  
  •  We promise this is a very quick, universal survey that goes out to everyone and will help us massively with getting your minis out to you quickly!  
  •  All of our miniatures are cast in white metal and come with black slotted bases, they are supplied unpainted. 


                      Thank you for looking!

Risks and challenges

As always our minis have already been sculpted and master casts have been completed. All that's required now is to cast the pledged production miniatures themselves. This will enable us to fulfill our pledges swiftly as per our previous Kickstarters. We are usually able to turn production around within a couple of months (pandemic restrictions notwithstanding), so you should receive your order as early as February 2021. We will of course endeavour to keep you updated at regular intervals on the progress of this project.

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