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My quest to complete all of my Bones Kickstarter minis continues. Here we have "Fly Demon" -- pretty spry for a fly guy.  I've done the base colors, most of the highlighting, and now I need to do something more with these giant yellow eyes.  Suggestions?





On photo review, I'll go clean up the veins in the wing a bit more.  I am considering adding a metallic glaze to the chitin and the wings.

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The eyes, depending on your skills ( it's a small mini) you could paint very thing black lines to create a grid.

Or go demon eye, leave the yellow in the middle, paint the rest a dark orange, then a little red in the corners, in the middle a white and then a black slit pupil.

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Looking good!


For the eyes I would suggest make the base colour a darker yellow or orange then paint yellow dots all over it to represent compound eyes (in a hexagonal "grid" pattern rather than a square one) making sure each yellow dot has a "surround" of the base colour showing.

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      Painted up the Rats from Bones 2 at the end of October, beginning of November so I'm posting them as a group! Rebased them on various bases I had gotten from ReaperCon over the years and at least one is a Stones base I got from Frontline Games recently from an online purchase. 
      I wanted the Giant Wererat to look like some kind of undead abomination and my OSL painting skills can always use lots of practice 
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      the first figure I started after alfanso's NMM workshop 
      The NMM just looked dull so I decided on full Earth and sky reflective armor.
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      A friend who had not painted anything in a while came to visit for a week.   While the wives an kids were off entertaining themselves, I offered a mini from the bones 2 core grab-bag to try his hand.  He picked one that reminded him of the Old D&D cartoon, and got as far as base-coating.
      His paints had long since dried out, so he left it here.  As I "Must Paint All the Things!"   I finished it up, the shield came out as one of my best freehand designs.  I also took an indirect suggestion from a poster in the paint my bones facebook group, and added another highlight to the shield.

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