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Twilight Knight, characters, demons and beasts

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16 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Great bunch of minis!


The two first ones are my favorites followed by the dual wielder ( great gem).



No, bonus points for painting bears! Lol.


The humans are all really well done. 

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44 minutes ago, ksbsnowowl said:

Nicely done on the apes. Are they intended to be D&D Bar-Lgura demons?

They look great. I’m curious how that model measures up against Sir Forscale. 

Yes, I painted them to be a pair of Barlgura demons! They infiltrated and ambushed one of my dnd groups using magic to disguise themselves as some old dwarf friends they had. 

They’re large sized, about the same size as a Bones ogre. 

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Great looking bunch of minis! I painted up that Chainmail orc druid a couple years ago, but I defaulted to 'orc=green'; I wish I'd put a little more thought into that. I really like the skin tone you went with.

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