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Midlam: Classic Cloaked Halfling Adventurers


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I assume that everyone is already aware that Midlam is running a new KS, but...   





Throughout the land, small shadowy figures are reported, often just glimpsed out of the corner of the eye.  They go hither, they go thither! They are abroad on unnamed errands and secret quests.  It can only be...

The Classic Cloaked Halfling Adventuring Party!

A Set of 10 Classic Cloaked Halfling Adventurers for all of your Fantasy Adventures.

Welcome to our latest Kickstarter Project, which we are running as a quick campaign, of just over a week.   Our plans for the year, like so many other peoples, have been knocked sideways and we are behind where we planned to be.   To that end, we intend to run this campaign for just over a week, and get the miniatures sent out to backers before the end of the year.

The classic cloaked halflings project came about because the few halflings we did have with cloaks, always proved popular, and it remains a classic look.  So here we have male and female cloaked halfling with a variety of adventuring gear.




Now hurry up, you only have 7 days on this one because they hope to get the minis out the door in time for Christmas.








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They probably don't...   

When they do a KS they have a guarranteed sale of everything they cast. 

There's no 'shelf time' where the minis sit unsold and lock away resources. 

And everything is already sold.   

Packaging goes quickly because they only need to pull from a small set of bins instead of their entire inventory. 


Do you know why Oathsworn does so few HISS projects, even if the backers are raving nuts for them?   

They only sell a handfull(if that) of minis from that series every month. 



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2 hours ago, Gadgetman! said:



Their hope of getting the minis out before Christmas...    




Package has arrived!



*sniff* Mine will probably arrive after, since I am in California:( Hard to tell to, because there's no tracker. They just show up:)

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