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6 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Hmm, non combative....would be a shame if some Serpent Warriors would raid that village...


If the cloth on it is supposed to be snow, no way, cold-blooded Serpent Warriors would a slow raid.


3 hours ago, Iridil said:

More pics! I love the village, but I want to see more of it!


Yes, this! Close-ups, please!

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Okay,  I'll take some close ups.  currently moving some things around so when that is done I will take some shots of the busier areas.  thanks to everyone for looking!  The big new addition this year is the castle walls Friend of mine gave them to me a few years ago and I completely forgot about them.  I stumbled on them when I was reorganizing the basement (you can read cleaning out the accumulated detritus of a decade here.)  I had to do some significant rebuilding of the walls as they are old and were put together pretty quickly so lots of regluing and apoxie was used!  They are one of the old fantasy castles from GW from ages past.



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A few more details as requested 


A small group of adventurers getting ready to visit the dark caverns one more time before the solstice 


The small band plays in the town square while the fan fox dances.  A small group of well wishers have come out to watch the performance


But not all is love and roses.  While the monk and brewer meet with the financier in the front, some rats rise from the riverfront to create a little mayhem but others rise to the equation to recommend they go elsewhere.


The druidic mistress of the house on high street take a moment from running the house before wandering out to the night but others skulk around the house with nefarious intentions.


Finally, at the towns center, the barmaid and bartenders begin to serve good tidings and festive food as the people begin to arrive

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