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Thunderbolt Mountain figures available again


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Hello guys!


I'm not sure if this is the place to put this and I don't think it's permissible to put links to other web sites, but just as some general information,  Thunderbolt Mountain Miniatures, that was a company that Tom Meier had founded quite a many years ago after leaving Ral Partha, are once again available, and being cast through a subsidiary company of Ral Partha, called Ral Partha Legacy.  They are working on releasing some classic Partha for their Chaos Wars game, other miniatures that were previously out of production, and of special note, miniatures from Thunderbolt Mountain.  At the moment on their site they have all their 32 mm elves, orcs and goblins, as well as their smaller 25mm Arthurians and a variety of other historical and fantasy miniatures.  Worth checking out, some very nice pieces out there! 

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2 hours ago, lowlylowlycook said:

That's great news since they are too nice not to be available.   I'm not sure I'd call those elves 32mm though. 

30 maybe? They're a lot bigger than his old school stuff!

1 hour ago, Loim said:

Man, I'm sooooo happy about this. 

The miniature gods have definitely smiled up on us!

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4 hours ago, Cranky Dog said:

Before Tom Meier shut down, I got a set of the ballerina fairy princess infantry squad (and a few more things).




What else would one need?

And these ballerinas, amongst others, are available again on the Ral Parthia Legacy site!

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